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F.A.Q. Read before posting your question. [Updated 01May2017]

AuthorF.A.Q. Read before posting your question. [Updated 01May2017]
0. Beginner questions.

Q.0.1: I've just started playing. What do I do?
A: Check out the brief introduction https://www.lordswm.com/fast_start1en.php , make sure you have learned the general game rules https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=5
You may try a hunt combat on the map of the Empire. You may enroll to work at any facility and study the game world.
There is a newbie guide to help you plan your character activity: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=2119440

Q.0.2: How do I begin a combat?
A: To do that, open the Combats https://www.lordswm.com/bselect.php page, choose duels or group battles, create your combat challenge and wait till your challenge is accepted. Alternatively, you can accept any other player's challenge. It is also possible to attack neutral creatures (hunting), which you will regularly encounter on the map.

Q.0.3: How do I earn gold?
A: By
-working at the production facilities. Keep in mind, that the wage differs depending on facility type (Mining is cheapest, Production is highest);
-receiving level-up bonus;
-trading resources - buy them at mining facilities and trade to the higher bids to machining or production;
-trading resources and artifacts to other players;
-engaging in hunting neutral monsters and receiving gold they were guarding.
Please note that the economic model of the game is constantly progressing and it is obvious that there would evolve new ways of profiting.

Q.0.4: How do I enroll to work?
A: To do so, open the map, select a facility that has offers, and type in the enrollment code, finally click "Enroll".

Q.0.5: The enrollment code keeps tricking me, I can't guess it. What should I do?
A: You can copy the link to that image, then create a topic in the Queries and Help forum branch and paste it there. Anyone will be able to see that code, so you might get a few hunches right away.
1. General questions.

Q.1.1: How long does it take to restore troops?
A: For characters of combat level 1-3, full restoration takes 4 minutes. After reaching CL4, full restoration takes 15 minutes, 1% is restored in 9 seconds.

Q.1.2: How long does it take to restore mana?
A: Full mana restoration takes 15 minutes for your maximum mana reserve. When your character is at 'Sunny City' or 'Shining Spring', mana is restored 20% faster.

Q.1.3: My entire army got wiped out in combat, but my troops are 100% ready again. I have used mana, but it is full after combat. Why is that?
A: Characters who win a combat have troops and mana restored instantly. Also, after Survival tournament combats mana and troops are restored instantly (since it is impossible to win a combat there).

Q.1.4: How can I speed up mana and troops restoration?
A: Using an Elixir of restoration https://www.lordswm.com/art_info.php?id=elixir will restore troops and mana in full. This item may be purchased in the Potions section of the shop: https://www.lordswm.com/shop.php?cat=potions
Also, troops and mana are constantly restored faster if you rent a guest lounge in an Estate, but only as long as you are in the same map location as that Estate. Details: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=45

Q.1.5: I have achieved combat level 5, and it won't let me join combats. It says not enough ammunition points. How do I deal with that?
A: Ammunition points (AP) – is a special artifact stat that defines its combat value (description of every art features its AP). Upon reaching CL5, in order to fight, characters are required to have a weapon equipped in right hand, as well as have certain amount of AP depending on combat level: 5-7 – 5 AP; 8 – 8 AP; 9-11 – 9 AP; 12-14 – 10 AP; 15-20 – 11 AP.

Q.1.6: I have changed faction, and now the game won't let me join group combats, ambush players etc. What is wrong?
A: You must recruit army of at least [your combat level - 1] to be accepted to challenges. Creature upgrades are not compulsory, but Fort and Citadel must be built at appropriate combat levels. (Rally talent may allow fighting without these)

Q.1.7: Do I keep my artifacts if I lose?
A: You do, artifacts are your property. But each time you fight with an artifact equipped, that artifact loses 1 durability point.

Q.1.8: I bought an artifact but it's not on me! I got no bonuses! What's wrong?
A: Acquired artifacts get into your inventory. You have to equip them in order to get the bonuses. You can equip artifacts at the inventory page. https://www.lordswm.com/inventory.php

Q.1.9: How do I repair artifacts?
A: Artifacts are repaired in blacksmiths, the castle constructions that require combat level 6. Any player who has the blacksmith in his or her castle can repair artifacts for anyone else. However, remember that selling artifacts and buying them again is cheaper than repairing them. Do not repair artifacts unless they're rare (like Hunter arts) or Enchanted.

Q.1.10: What are talents?
A: Talents are special secondary character parameters available since CL5. They may be chosen and reset any time you are not in a challenge and not travelling: https://www.lordswm.com/skillwheel.php

Q.1.11: How do I get more talent points?
A: The amount of talent points only depends on character level and is always equal to [10+5*(CL-5)].

Q.1.12: How can I obtain diamonds?
A: Please refer to the Diamonds FAQ: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1939971
Diamonds may also be purchased with gold: https://www.lordswm.com/object-info.php?id=165

Q.1.13: Can I change character nickname and/or gender?
A: Nickname change costs 50 diamonds, contact Dealer: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=7
To change character gender, use special service page: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_sex_change.php

Q.1.14: How can I make a Unique Character Image, like the Arctic character has?
A: Contact Dealer: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=7
Note that UCI costs 1800 diamonds and you need to have them on your character before Dealer will respond.

Q.1.15: How can I know which of my friends are online at present?
A: Add them to your friends list by clicking the (+) button next to their nicknames at character pages. You will see the list of your friends online at the bottom of your home page: https://www.lordswm.com/home.php

Q.1.16: Friends list is all different colours, what is the meaning behind that?
A: Green - recently online (has been online within last 24 hours)
White - online within last 7 days
Grey - online within last 30 days
Blue - online within last 6 months
Red - has not been online for over 6 months

Q.1.17: How often do creatures appear in castle for recruiting? How can I recruit more?
A: Recruit count is limited, but always available, you do not have to pay for recruiting, nor to wait for recruits to spawn. Recruit count increases when you level up, when you build certain constructions (like Fort), learn certain talents, and for some factions - when you increase the faction skill level. Some creatures are recruited at the cost of leaving out another, try experimenting with your army: https://www.lordswm.com/army.php

Q.1.18: Can I redistribute primary parameters?
A: You can, by using a Potion of Oblivion https://www.lordswm.com/art_info.php?id=reset_tube You can only reset parameters gained through raising combat level, MG and CG levels. The potion may be purchased at the artifact shop and is free.

Q.1.19: Where can I learn more spells?
A: Each faction can learn magic of up to 3 schools. New levels of magic spells become available upon building higher levels of Magic guild. In order to learn level 3 spells, your characters also needs to have learned basic magic or Wisdom talent. Details: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=31

Q.1.20: What do I need Wisdom for?
A: In order to learn a level 3 spell, like Fireball, you need not only to build the Magic school level 3, but also learn basic magic (Chaos in our example) or Wisdom. Wisdom is universal replacement for any basic magic talent, but spell efficiency is lower with it.

Q.1.21: How is total magic resistance calculated?
A: All one-type effects are calculated by this formula: 1-(1-õ)*(1-ó)*... For instance, Barrier talent and the Cape of arcane protection will grant 32% total magic shield: 1-(1-0,15)*(1-0,2) = 0,32.

Q.1.22: How can I enter a clan?
A: You need to reach combat level 5, choose the clan to your liking https://www.lordswm.com/forum_thread.php?id=115, read the conditions for joining that the clan has set and act accordingly.

Q.1.23: How can I create a clan?
A: You need to travel to Empire capital and use the Clan registration option under Public services section of the map: https://www.lordswm.com/clan_registration.php

Q.1.24: I have submitted a clan request. I was charged 60k gold, but the clan is not there. When will I have my clan?
A: Clan applications are considered within 14 days after submitting. You need to have no less than 40k gold to finalize registration. If you don't, the registration might get postponed for long.

Q.1.25: How can I militarize a clan?
A: Necessary conditions:
– All clan members must not be members of other MCs;
– The amount of members must not be above 250 (including pending invitations);
– Clan treasury must count 2,500,000 gold plus 4,500 per clan member.
The cost of new invitations after successfully militarizing a clan will rise to 5,000 gold.

Q.1.26: What are the conditions for coat of arms and icon of a military clan?
À: Coat of arms: JPEG (.jpg) or GIF (.gif) format picture, up to 150 Kb, size 200x200 pxs.
Icon: GIF (.gif) format picture, up to 3 Kb, size 20x15 pxs.

Q.1.27: What is the difference between a normal and a military clan?
À: Currently military clans may create clan challenges during events, and compete for achieving high ranks in separate clan rating; as well as a right to control map locations and facilities on them.

Q.1.28: Where can I get rare artifacts/insignia?
A: Those artifacts were awarded to players who distinguished themselves in action during wars and events. Right now they can be purchased or rented from another players, there is also a chance of discovering them in chests of Abundance: https://www.lordswm.com/shop.php?cat=gift

Q.1.29: My combat level is below 3, I cannot communicate at the forum. What should I do?
A: You need to reach CL3. It is not too long, it is possible to reach it in 1-2 days of casual playing.

Q.1.30: Why do I have -2 luck?
A: You fled from your last combat (by skipping 5 consecutive turns), your luck will be -2 for the next 1 hour.
2. Map actions

Q.2.1: How can I move around the map?
A: There is a wind rose with arrows in the bottom right corner of the map. Click an arrow to move in chosen direction.

Q.2.2: Where can I buy a mount and what is it for?
A: Mounts increase movement speed on the map and may grant protection from thief ambushes. It may be purchased in the shop, in Mounts section: https://www.lordswm.com/shop.php?cat=transport

Q.2.3: How can I get resources?
A: Resources may be bought at facilities on the map, and at the market (after reaching CL3). Resources appear in facilities at the moment when a workshift ends there. After reaching Hunters' guild level 3, wood and ore may be among hunt loot. Finally, raising combat level often awards resources.

Q.2.4: How can I sell resources to facilities?
A: Travel to the location of the facility that had a demand for your resource. Make sure the facilities you want to sell resources to have gold to pay you for them.

Q.2.5: Why can I not enroll at a facility?
A: There are a few conditions for enrolling:
1) You must be in the location of that facility.
2) There must be vacancies, enough resources for production and gold to pay you for your workshift.

Q.2.6: I am trying to enroll using my smartphone, but there is no entry field for the captcha code. What should I do?
A: Enrollment requires Flash, so your device must have a Flash-player installed and associated with your browser. As of this date, best solution is Puffin browser, it has flash preinstalled in it.

Q.2.7: Do I have to remain in the same map location after enrolling?
A: No, you may move at your will around the map.

Q.2.8: My workshift ended early, how much will I get?
A: You will be paid for full hour workshift, however, next enrolling is only possible after 1 full hour has passed.

Q.2.9: I have worked one full hour, but I'm still listed as labourer in the facility functioning log. Am I stuck?
A: No need to worry, sometimes there are 5-10 min. lags in workshifts.

Q.2.10: I have purchased (mithril, steel, nickel, leather, magic powder, mithril ore, obsidian, orichalcum), but where can I see it?
A: These resources are intermediary materials for machining and production and can be viewed at the character page. These resources cannot be traded to other players, but they may be sold to facilities.

Q.2.11: Dragons just attacked me, where did those come from?
A: Dragons guard the "Dragons' caves" location and may randomly attack any player in it. Exp and up to 0,65 fsp, but no HG awarded.
3. Factions

Q.3.1: What happens to my castle if I change faction?
A: Nothing bad. If you change to a new faction, you will have to build the castle of that faction anew, but everything you have already built in all factions is safe.

Q.3.2: When I open my castle, I observe some emblems of other factions above its picture. When I click them I see other factions' castles. What is that for?
A: It's a little commodity to see castles that you have already built for other factions. If an icon for a faction is missing, it means you have not yet begun building that faction's castle.

Q.3.3: Are there any spells available to Knight / Elf / Barbarian / Demon?
A: Knights, elves and demons may learn spells after reaching CL 5 and building the Magic guild lvl 1. Barbarians do not have magic spells, but instead have special abilities, also available since CL5.

Q.3.4: How do I equip mini-artifacts?
A: They may be equipped at the Artifact foundry in the castle.

Q.3.5: What does mini-arts quality depend on? Why do I not have access to a mini-art that my opponent of the same CL has?
A: Quality of mini-artifacts depends on the faction skill level, whereas the number of parts depends on combat level.

Q.3.6: How do Training chambers work?
A: They work automatically. Each time you raise your Knight faction skill level, you can recruit more bowmen, swordsmen and monks at the cost of lower level humanoid creatures. Recruits are better trained then farmers.

Q.3.7: How do I choose a favored enemy and what good is it?
A: Elves can select fav. enemies at the "Avengers' guild" construction. There is a chance to inflict +100% damage (dealing critical damage) to a favored enemy. The chance is 5%+4%*[Elf skill level].

Q.3.8: How many favored enemies can I select?
A: One per faction, excluding the Elves faction, with a total of 8 creature types and their upgrades. Regardless of that, all creatures at hunt, excluding those who originally belong to Elves, are favored enemies.

Q.3.9: How do I change a favored enemy?
A: You can do that in the "Avengers' guild" anytime you aren't in a combat or in a challenge.

Q.3.10: If both luck and favoured enemy trigger, how large is the damage increase?
A: when those trigger simultaneously, the damage is increased by 200% (i.e. õ3).
4. Faction skill

Q.4.1: What is the benefit of having high faction skill?
A: Higher faction skill levels grant:
1) Additional stats to that faction's troops, such as attack, defense or initiative, ref. https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=10
2) An increase in unique racial ability efficiency. Ref. https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=38 for details on desired faction.
3) Passive defense against representatives of that faction equal to 3%*[skill level]. Any damage, physical and magical, of creatures and heroes, is reduced by that amount, but only in PVP and some very selected PVE combats (such as ambushing caravans in Thieves' Guild).

Q.4.2: Well, the faction skill table clearly states that I should get a bonus (like +1 defense to troops). I gained faction skill level 1, why have I not gotten it?
A: The bonus is only added to troops, you can see it on yours during combat or at Recruiting page. Your character does not get that one.

Q.4.3: If I change faction, will the bonus of the old faction (like +1 defense to troops, +1 attack to troops, etc) be carried over to the new one?
A: No, the bonus of any faction is only applied to its creatures.

Q.4.4: What in the world is «anti-skill»?
A: It is a slang word for the passive effect of 3% damage reduction per skill level.
5. Guilds

Q.5.1: How do I join the Hunters' guild?
A: Every Lord is a hunter by default. A hunt means engaging in combat with neutral creatures on the map.

Q.5.2: How frequently do neutral creatures appear on the map?
A: In daytime (08:00 - 00:00 server time) neutral creatures appear every 40 minutes, while in nighttime (00:00 - 08:00) - twice as often. If you pass by a group of creatures, you will shorten the waiting time until the next encounter by 50% . Moving between the locations of the Empire has the same effect as "to pass by". For characters of combat level 1-2, neutral creatures appear every 5 minutes in daytime and every 2.5 minutes in nighttime. For characters of combat level 3, it is 10 and 5 minutes respectively. Additionally, you may purchase a hunter's license: https://www.lordswm.com/hunter_guild.php If you buy 2 licenses, only the higher effect will apply.

Q.5.3: Does character location affect the type of encountered creatures?
A: No, the type of neutral creatures encountered is entirely random. New levels of Hunters' Guild unlock hunting new types of creatures.

Q.5.4: How do I ask for assistance in hunt?
A: You may ask for assistance starting from Hunters' guild level 2. Your assistant must have achieved at least HG1. Only players in the same location as you and the same Combat Level as yours may assist you randomly. If you wish to ask a specific player for assistance, then the player must be in your friends' list, have CL equal to yours, or 1 or 2 levels less.

Q.5.5: After a victory in a hunt I received less than 1 Hunters' guild point. Why?
A: The number of Hunters' guild points is always twice the amount faction skill points received in that hunt.

Q.5.6: What is the probability of finding a hunter's artifact on a hunt?
A: It is [3 + Hunters' guild level]%. So, on Hunters' guild level 2, the probability is 5%. After reaching HG3 you may find Master Hunter set artifacts, after reaching HG5 - Great Hunter set arts, and HG6 - Beastbane set arts.

Q.5.7: What does "double-tracking" stand for?
A: You will have two groups of neutral creatures appearing on the map and available for hunting. You may choose to attack only one of the groups; the second target will disappear.

Q.5.8: It says on the map that my neutral creatures are taking to their heels. What's that about?
A: This means that by instinct of survival, neutral creatures may start looking for a different group of neutral creatures that are being hunted by a different player at the same time. If there is, you and the other player will be fighting a united party of both creature packs. Be aware that in that case the combat will have a timer for turn duration.
Q.5.9: How do I join the Mercenaries' guild?
A: Every Lord is a guild member by default. You must be at least level 5 to partake in the quests. To gain points in this guild, you need to be in a location with a Mercenaries' guild office (Peaceful camp, East River, Fairy Trees, Fishing Village), enter them (Public Services section on the map or the Mercenaries' guild sign) and take the errand. The current errand may be observed at https://www.lordswm.com/mercenary_guild.php

Q5.10: What are the Mercenary Guild Office specializations?
A: East River and Fishing Village - Monsters, Vanguards, Armies.
Peaceful Camp - Invaders, Raids, Armies.
Fairy Trees - Brigands, Vanguards, Conspirators.

Q.5.11: In what MG errands does the bonus damage to neutral creatures apply (e.g. the bonus of hunter sets)?
A.: In raid, monster and conspirators errands.

Q.5.12: In what MG quests does the faction skill resistance apply?
A: In invaders, vanguard, army and brigands quests, but only knight faction skill resistance applies.

Q.5.13: Where may I take a look at certain errand example to estimate my capabilities?
A.: Examples of quest fights may be found at <Angels and Demons> reference site by the following link: http://angelsndemons.freeforums.org/post1289.html#p1289

Q.5.14: I completed an MG quest, but didn't return for reward. Why did the difficulty level rise?
A.: The difficulty level rises upon completion, you do not have to fight the same villain twice if you have already defeated him, regardless of whether you returned for reward or not.

Q.5.15: What is the purpose of Toadstool and other elements received in Mercenaries' guild?
A.: They are used for artifact enchanting. You may find more information on enchantments here https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=39

Q.5.16: I received an element as a Mercenaries' guild reward, but it isn't displayed anywhere.
A.: The elements are displayed on your character page.

Q.5.17: What does Mercenaries' reputation grant?
A.: 1 reputation unit shortens the waiting time until the next errand (after receiving the reward for the previous one) by 2 minutes. You may have up to 10 reputation.

Q.5.18: What is the probability of receiving an element in Mercenaries' guild?
A.: 20%, independently of your reputation and previous element(s) drop.

Q.5.19: How do I join the Thieves' guild?
1) Paying a fee of 80 diamonds in the guild office located in Lizard Lowland https://www.lordswm.com/thief_guild.php ;
2) Buying a thief invitation from other players on the market https://www.lordswm.com/auction.php or trade forum https://www.lordswm.com/forum_thread.php?id=122

Q.5.20: May I rent a thief invitation?
A.: No, it is illegal, for the price of the thief invitation is beyond the maximal sum of debt.

Q.5.21: How do I set an ambush?
A.: Click on an adjacent map location and click "Set an ambush". You need to have full troops ready, enough troops recruited and a required minimum of ammunition points equipped. It's worth of note that a thief may not set an ambush for an hour after a defeat in a thieves' guild combat.

Q.5.22: How frequently do caravans travel between locations?
A: You may encounter a caravan only in case of player movement through the ambush location. Consequently, in barely-inhabited places the waiting duration is longer, while on impassable routes (say, East River - Magma Mines), no encounters whatsoever may take place.

Q.5.23: What is this Thief leader's trust?
A.: At the moment, Thief leader's trust grants beforehand information about preparations of secret guild operations and access to the Thief Forum.

Q.5.24: How frequently and under which conditions may thieves attack me?
A.: A thief may encounter any player of the same level, that passes between locations on the map and whose troops are at least 40% ready. Equipped ammunition points and recruited army size do not matter. After being defeated by a thief, you are safe from ambushes for the next 3 hours.

Q.5.25: What's the mechanics behind caravan strength drop after a loss?
A.: The strength of all caravans is dampened, regardless of the type of caravan that you were defeated by. The caravans' strength increases in the same way. The more faction skill points you gain after a defeat in an ambush, the greater the drop effect will be.

Q.5.26: How do I join the Rangers' guild?
A.: You may join the Rangers' from 7th Combat Level onwards. In order to join the guild, you need to pass a test-combat with a Ranger Instructor. In order to increase the guild level, you need to be in a location with Ranger guild office (in Empire Capital), enter it (on the Public Services section of the map or the Ranger Guild icon) and accept the mission. The current mission may be tracked at: https://www.lordswm.com/ranger_guild.php

Q.5.27: In RG, I do not have enough time to arrive to a destination location to complete the mission. What should I do?
A.: To complete RG missions you will need a mount, a stallion or better. Without mount, you may only intercept thieves between locations.

Q.5.28: I have passed the test combat in Rangers' guild and may no longer set ambushes in Thieves' guild. Why?
A.: If you passed the test combat, you have automatically joined Rangers' guild, thus quitting the Thieves' guild. In order to re-join Thieves' Guild you need to come to Lizard Lowland and pay a fee in Thieves' guild office.

Q.5.29: How much does it cost to enter RG from TG or the other way round?
A.: The first "swap" is for free. After this, you will need to pay a fee equal to 1000 gold * your Combat Level.

Q.5.30: Does Ranger and Thief bonus sum up?
A.: No. Only the bonus from currently active guild applies.

Q.5.31: How can I control the Ranger assistant in Rangers' guild missions?
A.: The Ranger-assistant understands the following 3 orders:
wait (the assistant will wait with his troops);
x:y (the coordinates of an enemy stack that is to become the focus of the assistant's attack, where x is horizontal and y - vertical coordinate of the tile. example, 11:1);
attack (independent attack mode, applicable if either of the first two commands were used afore).

Q.5.32: If I was ambushed by a thief and won, will I get Rangers' guild points?
A.: Yes, if you have the Rangers' guild active at the moment.

Q.5.33: How can I become a smith or an enchanter?
A.: You will need to build a blacksmith after reaching Combat Level 6 and start repairing or enchanting artifacts. Both guild activities require tremendous investment.

Q.5.34: What artifacts are best to repair to gain a higher Smiths' guild level the fastest and the cheapest?
A.: It doesn't matter. 1 SG point = 4000 gold spent = 1 hour of repair works.

Q.5.35: What is the difference between enchantments on weapons/armour/jewelery?
A.: Weapon enchantments affect physical (not magic!) damage by adding elemental damage to it;
Armour enchantments may both reduce incoming physical damage and incoming magic damage;
Jewelcrafting enchantments only influence the spells of certain magic school or element by enhancing their efficiency and increasing the piercing of magic resistances.

Q.5.36: How many elements are required to improve an enchantment?
A.: An enchantment improvement requires the difference in elements between the two enchantments + 1 set of elements. For instance: An existing weapon enchantment of 5% requires 9 sets of elements. If you wish to upgrade it to a 10% enchantment (which requires 30 sets of elements), you will need 30 - 9 + 1 = 22 sets of elements.

Q.5.37: May I disenchant my enchanted items and get my elements back?
A.: You may disenchant an item, but the elements will be lost and will not be returned to the owner.

Q.5.38: What is the ammunition points increase after enchanting it?
A: By 2% of the base ammunition point for every 1% of enchantment rounding down to the nearest integer. For instance, a sword of might has 8 AP. With an enchantment of 25%, AP = 8 + 8*0.25*2 = 12. With an enchantment of 24%, AP = 8 + 8*0.24*2 = 11.

Q.5.39: What can I get a Recruiter artifact and achievement for?
A.: First Recruiter achievement is granted after referring 5 characters that have reached Combat Level 6; 2nd - for 20 characters that reached CL 6; 3rd - for 50 characters that reached CL 6. The artifacts are granted along with the achievements. Achievements and artifacts are granted for characters invited after 5th June, 2011.

Q.5.40: What is Commanders' guild and how do I increase my rating in there?
A.: All information about Commanders' guild may be found here: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=39#CG

Q.5.41: How do I make a bet in a card game?
A: You are required to have Combat Level 3 and Gamblers' guild level 1.

Q.5.42: What does Laborers' guild productivity mean?
A: Productivity increases your wage (the base wage is multiplied by your productivity), the quantity of your production and the resources used in the production process.

Q.5.43: What is the workaholic penalty and how to get rid of it?
A: Every Lord who has worked over 10 hours at facilities since his or her last victorious combat will have 20% less efficiently on every next workshift, down to 10% of normal efficiency. The workaholic penalty will be lifted after a victory and only if the player gained at least 0.5 faction skill points. Else, the penalty coefficient decreases proportionally to the faction skill points gained.
6. Combat

Q.6.1: What do different colours of player nicks mean in group battles page?
A: Red/blue – different party players. Blue only – «Every One For Oneself» combat type. Green – random party distribution. Gray – not enough players enlisted, this player may be forced to drop out of that combat when it begins.

Q.6.2: 1) How do I check the combat chat without watching combat replay?
2) Can I watch the combat from the beginning?
A: 1) Replace "war" or "warlog" in address (https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=*****) with "battlechat": (https://www.lordswm.com/battlechat.php?warid=*****).
2) Add "&lt=-1" to address (https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=*****&lt=-1).

Q.6.3: Why did enemy shooters have the first turn?
A: Before a combat starts, there is a random distribution of creatures on the initiative bar depending on their initiative. To ensure a creature will move before any other creature, the following condition must be met: Ini1 > Ini2/0.9. More details about the initiative bar: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=29

Q.6.4: How do I check up current HP and effects on troops?
A: While pressing down Ctrl, click on creatures on the battlefield (or just click them on the initiative bar). By clicking them the same way again you will bring up the active effects window. Same may be done to lord characters, to find info about their talents, enchantment effects and additional artifact effects.

Q.6.5: How can I know when a stack is moving next?
A: There is an arrow to the right of the initiative scale which can be clicked to see further positioning of creatures on the initiative bar.

Q.6.6: Can I check what a special ability does while I'm in combat?
A: Click a creature on the initiative bar, or while pressing down Ctrl, click a creature on the battlefield. Creatures stats and abilities will be shown, you need to point the cursor on an ability to read about it.

Q.6.7: How do I make my shooters attack in melee? How do I make my rogues/shrews stay after attack?
A: Press down shift as you choose your angle and click for attack.

Q.6.8: Why am I dealing more damage with my spells than usual?
A: Wizard faction has a damage bonus in Hunter and Mercenary combats:
- target spell damage = normal damage * [2 + wizard fsp] / 2;
- area spell damage = normal damage * [spell area + wizard fsp] / spell area.

Q.6.9: Why did a neutral creature's speed or initiative increase?
A: Neutral creatures' speed increases by 1 every 10 combat turns. Neutral creatures' initiative increases by 1 every 200 combat turns.

Q.6.10: My troops freeze in fear in combat. Why is that?
A: That happens sometimes if creature's morale is negative. For instance, during merged hunt the morale of both players' living creatures is 0; when fighting undead on top of that, it is –1.

Q.6.11: What is the formula to calculate creature damage, considering lord's attack?
A: Ref. https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=34

Q.6.12: What is the probability of hitting / missing incorporeal creatures like ghosts?
A: The probability of hit/miss is 50%. But after two consecutive hits, the third one is a sure miss, and vice versa. Any magic applied to that creature, except 'Raise dead' and 'Magic punch', resets the counter.

Q.6.13: What about phantom creature?
A: Same as for incorporeal, but if it is a phantom of incorporeal creature, the counter may go up to 4 consecutive hits / misses. Magic always hits the phantoms (except for 'Magic punch' which deals physical damage and thus can miss).

Q.6.14: Two undead creatures perished on one tile. Which one will be raised?
A: The creature that had more HP per unit at the moment of death. The number of creatures in stack does not matter. E.g.: Zombies (17 HP) and ghosts (8hp) perished on one tile. Zombies will be raised.

Q.6.15: Is extra exp/fsp credited for killing gated creatures, phantoms, raised undead?
A: It is for raised undead, no extras for phantoms or gated creatures.

Q.6.16: What are blindfold battles?
A: They are much like EOFO battles, but in blindfold, players learn the identities of each other only after the combat ends. Participant nicknames are hidden in combats, chat is not available in such combat, and character information cannot be viewed. The combat is formed from random enlisted characters, but there are some limitations:
1) Blindfold battles are available since CL3;
2) Once enlisted, the challenge may only be called back in 5 minutes;
3) The challenge is automatically rejected in 15 minutes if no combat has been formed.

Q.6.17: What is the formula to calculate morale/luck triggering?
A: ref. https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=35

Q.6.18: If my character's luck/morale is more than 5, how will that affect luck/morale triggering and will there be any effect for Extensive gating/Empathy talents?
A: Morale more than 5 is redundant, it will neither trigger more often nor increase damage via Empathy.
Luck above 5 will not trigger more often, but will have effect in Extensive gating.

Q.6.19: Are there any functional keys in combat?
A: Ctrl+Left click - unit information dialog, Shift+drag - (on the initiative bar) split army stacks, Shift+attack - melee strike for shooters or "do not return" for Rogues/Shrews, W - wait, Space - defend.

Q.6.20: How do Bowmen shoot multiple arrows at a time/Demons gate additional creatures/ Gremlins repair their allied Golems/...?
A: In combat, when Bowmen get their turn, an additional button appears: "Spell / Ability". It is on the left side of the function menu, shaped as a helmet. You can use any activated abilities of your creatures if they have any by using that button. Details: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=16
7. Tournaments

Q.7.1: When is the next tournament?
A: PVE Survival tournaments are held once every two weeks, you may always check this page to find info about it: https://www.lordswm.com/tournaments.php Any other tournament types are always posted about in Official announcements.

Q.7.2: What artifacts can I use in tournaments?
A: Usually it is only shop artifacts, i.e. those that are displayed at the shop: https://www.lordswm.com/shop.php . Insignia, rares and hunter set artifacts are forbidden in tournaments.
Quick tournaments 2õ2 are an exception, any ammunition is allowed there.

Q.7.3: What is this « quick tournament 2õ2»?
A: It is a tournament of automatic (AI-controlled) 2õ2 group combats, held according to the Olympic system, i.e. the losing party drops out of the tournament. The maximum number of combats for any party is 4. First three places are awarded with gold, and the winning player team also gets an achievement in character information. Enlisting to Quick tournaments 2x2 occurs daily at 10-10 to 10-20 and at 20-10 to 20-20 server time.

Q.7.4: What times do the Quick Tournaments commence?
A: 10:10 - Quick 2 vs 2
14:10 - Quick 3 vs 3
17:10 - Quick 1 vs 1
20:10 - Quick 2 vs 2
22:10 - Quick 3 vs 3

Q.7.5: Can I participate in tournaments 24h?
A: Survival tournaments are held 24h, but all other have their enlisting suspended at 3:00 to 8:00 AM every day.

Q.7.6: Are artifacts from the Presents section of the shop allowed in tournaments?
A: They are.

Q.7.7: May I participate in a tournament while having a +1 luck tavern drink bonus, or other temp effects?
A: No, active temporary effects will prevent you from enlisting in tournaments.

Q.7.8: May I use enchanted shop artifacts in tournaments?
A: You may, but the enchantments will have no effects in tournaments with «Standard» ammunition types. At this time almost all tournaments share this type. Please refer to this page for details: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=44

Q.7.9: I have cumulated enough experience in a tournament to move to the next combat level, but I didn't level up, and the experience is frozen at +-XYZ What is going on?
A: The tournament system prevents players from leveling up even by acquiring necessary amount of exp. This is done to allow players participating in full in a tournament at his or her current level by participating in as many combats as is allowed by the system. To pass to the next combat level, simply participate in any combat off the arena. Be aware that regardless of that combat outcome you will be moved to the next level, if enough exp had been cumulated previously. So even falling into a thief ambush will move you to the next combat level.

Q.7.10: I participated in a tournament and still leveled up there! Why?
A: It means you participated in either a Mixed tournament or Throne battle. These tournaments do not have level-by-level credit, so the exp freezing mechanics is not enabled.

Q.7.11: I have fought the combat limit at my combat level in current tournament. May I level up and enlist again? What happens to my current results?
A: Your results are safe. By leveling up and enlisting again at a new combat level, you may participate again, and compete for an entirely different prize, too! Mixed tournament and Throne battle do not allow this, however.

Q.7.12: I played several factions in current Survival tournament. May I count on two prizes?
A: Certainly, awards are dispensed by faction and level.

Q.7.13: The tournament is over, but the awards are yet to be dispensed. When is it going to happen?
A: Please have patience. Players will be awarded in a couple of days after the end of tournament.

Q.7.14: Since last tournament, my experience is frozen and I'm not fighting. May I fight in the next tournament at my current combat level, too?
A: Nope, you will have to level up to enlist in a new tournament.

Q.7.15: How does Elf «favoured enemy» ability function in tournaments?
A: Only attacks on creatures chosen as favoured at the «Avengers' guild» can trigger fav. enemy.

Q.7.16: Does Wizard's spell power boost against neutrals have effect in Survival tournaments?
A: It does.

Q.7.17: I can't get the «Mana recovery» talent and «Spirit link» on Vampires to work properly, why is that?
A: Those two are disabled for Survival tournaments.

Q.7.18: What's with the «Lightning tower» thing in ST?
A: It is a feature to prevent long combats. It erupts in a «Chain lightning» spell at a random enemy if it is still alive three turns after its wave has appeared.

Q.7.18: What are the Orbs in ST? What effects are there?
À: Each even wave of creatures triggers an Orb of retribution. When a creature enters it, some beneficial effect will occur: Friendly creature stack joins your side; 40% of perished creature resurrected in stack, +5 shots to stack (if shooter); +25 mana to stack (if caster) or lord; +7 attack to stack; +7 defense to stack.

Q.7.19: How and when can I participate in a card tournament?
A: Two towers tournaments occur every half an hour in the Tavern: https://www.lordswm.com/tavern.php More details can be found here: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=44
8. Law and order

Q.8.1: What is the difference between alts, adds, secondaries, mults and extrachars?
À: Additional characters is the official term for legal characters allowed for learning game features. They are also called alts, adds, secondaries in game slang.
Extrachars, or mults, are illegal additional characters created for some kind of support to the main, or other players' characters.

Q.8.2: I and my brother/friend/etc. play in one house with one computer. Can we make transfers between each other, repair each other's arts etc.?
A: 1. Characters of one player may never interact with each other in any way, including transfers.
2. Two different (!) people playing with one computer are allowed to make limited transfers that are not one-sided. Such transfers, should they be large or one-sided, always arise doubts of the sweepers and may become reason for penalties and even block.

Q.8.3: I have one main and one add. Can I swap them?
A: Technically you can, but most probably your new add becomes illegal and subject to block - there are many activities allowed to main but prohibited to adds, such as making/receiving presents, giving/receiving loans, operations with rare artifacts and estates, repairing/enchanting other players' artifacts etc. Also note that according to the rules, additional characters cannot be of higher combat level that the main. Such adds are subject to block.

Q.8.4: So can I transfer everything from my main to the other character and make that one main, abandoning the old one?
À: Remember, any transfers between characters of one player are forbidden. Doing that way will cause both characters to be blocked.

Q.8.5: Can I register adds as invited by the main? (using main's referral link)
A: No problem with that, no rule broken.

Q.8.6: I have given a loan to my friend but he is not paying it back. How can I get my gold back?
A: You can only try to persuade him. If it doesn't work, the gold is lost. You may have him punished by posting a complaint at the forum in: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_thread.php?id=113

Q.8.7: I have been insulted/cheated, what do I do?
A: If it is an insult in forum or chat, contact moderators who are online. If you were insulted in combat, please read https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=2402538 and post a complaint. If it was an insult in PM, forward the message to 'insults' character. To do so, click 'Reply' and replace the nickname in 'To:' field with 'insults'.

Q.8.9: Leader of my clan has been blocked. Who is in charge now?
A: Clan deputy has all functions the leader had, except for transferring clan leadership.

Q.8.10: I am trying to change the deputy/treasurer/leadership in clan, but it won't let me. What do I do?
A: Leader, deputy and treasurer may be changed once every three days.

Q.8.11: Unknown players sent me gold/artifacts etc. Can I keep that?
A: You shouldn't, especially if the amount/cost is considerable. Best is to return it to the sender. If it is impossible for any reason, you may send it to Empire https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=9

Q.8.12: The rules (par. 3.15.) state that the maximum gift of one character must not exceed certain amount every month. Can I make a maximum gift in the and of a month and then make one more on the first day?
À: You cannot. It is not about the month on your calendar, this rule means "The period of one month", so the next gift may only be made in 30 days.

Q.8.13: Can I make a large present (abiding by rule 3.15.) and then abandon the game / BOW-block my character?
A: Presents made before leaving the game are forbidden. The receiver will forfeit the present.

Q.8.14: I got one main and two adds, but one of my adds got blocked. Can I register another one now?
A: You can if you haven't registered any in the past. Also, is your main gets a "No more additional characters" warning penalty, you must abstain from registering any more characters.

Q.8.15: I have registered more than three characters, how do I get them blocked?
A: You need to abandon the excess characters. Also you must sign them all properly, i.e. which one is main, which are additional, and which are abandoned.
9. Scripts, client, automated wares.

Q.9.1: May I use browser scripts and automated wares?
A: Only scripts made by LazyGreg, xo4yxa, HAPblB, Antviolence (Russian part) and TheatreOfPain (English part) are allowed. You may find links and information about their scripts in their character information pages. Let me remind you that using programs that emulate character presence in the game, or those that hinder proper functioning of server software are strictly forbidden.

Q.9.2: I cannot setup the scripts/get them to work well, what do I do?
A: You may ask around in Queries and help; or even better, contact the author of that script in PM.

Q.9.3: I do not understand many Russia words spoken in combat.
A: There is a list of Russian commonly used terms and acronyms, currently in beta: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1923725

Q.9.4: I've heard there are some cheat codes to get gold/artifacts/skills. Is it true?
A: No, this is a browser game, there can be no cheat codes.
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