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All the in-game magic is divided into four schools: Holy, Darkness, Nature and Chaos. A character is able to use spells of the following schools depending on his or her faction:

Knights study Holy and Darkness magic;
Holy knights study Holy and Nature magic;

Necromancers study Nature and Darkness magic;
Unholy necromancers study Nature and Darkness magic, but are unable to learn Darkness magic talents;

Wizards study Nature and Chaos magic with an option to unlock Holy magic later on;
Battlewise wizards study Chaos magic;

Elves study Nature and Holy magic;
Charmer elves study Chaos magic, but are unable to learn Chaos magic talents;

Barbarians and Fury barbarians cannot access any schools of magic, instead they learn special abilities;
Shadow barbarians study Darkness magic, but only up to level 3;

Dark elves study Chaos and Darkness magic;
Tamer dark elf study Chaos and Darkness magic;

Demons study Chaos and Darkness magic;
Darkness demons study Chaos and Darkness magic;

Dwarves study Chaos and Holy magic;
Fire Dwarves study Chaos magic;

Tribals can perform Rituals;

Pharaohs study Holy and Darkness magic.

The most common way to learn spells is to build Magic guilds in castles.
Besides, every faction has at least one creature capable of casting certain spells. The efficiency of those spells, however, obeys other formulas than the characters' spells do. Creatures' magic is listed in "Special abilities" section.

In order to cast a spell or perform a ritual, click the "Spell/Ability" button.

Cast a spell
Use special ability


Depending on the spell, the following three things might happen:

  • If the spell doesn't target anything, it will be cast automatically. This concerns spells affecting all creatures in combat.
  • If a target is required, you will have to specify it. To do so, point the cursor to the desired target. If the target is eligible, the cursor will alter to the magical cursor shaped as a wand, and by clicking the target the spell will be cast.
  • If a spell affects a certain area, you will have to specify that area.

    The effect of a cast spell usually depends on the caster's magical talent of the correspondent school:

    No talent
    Basic talent
    Advanced talent
    Expert talent

    Nature Magic:

    Magic punch
    Magic punch  Mana cost5  (Level 1)
    Creates a fist that punches target enemy stack, dealing physical damage. This spell ignores magic resistances, such as Magic shield, Magic proof or Immunity to magic.
     20+4*Spell power
     25+5*Spell power
     30+6*Spell power
     35+7*Spell power
    Wasp swarm
    Wasp swarm  Mana cost5  (Level 2)
    Summons a throng of insects that deal minor Nature damage to a selected stack.
    It also knocks the target back on the ATB scale. The damage is Natural, so the spell does not affect Undead, Elemental and Mechanical creatures.
     10+2*SP; 0.1 ATB
     15+3*SP; 0.2 ATB
     20+4*SP; 0.4 ATB
     25+5*SP; 0.6 ATB
    Raise dead
    Raise dead  Mana cost9  (Level 2)
    Raises perished creatures of a target undead or living stack. The maximal HP of the whole stack decreases by 20% in case of undead, by 40% in case of living creatures. After being raised, the living stack becomes a walking dead with always neutral Morale, but does not acquire the properties of undead. The morale of all other living stacks of your character becomes -2.
     120+15*Spell power
     136+17*Spell power
     160+20*Spell power
     180+23*Spell power
    Summon phantom
    Summon phantom  Mana cost18  (Level 3)
    Clones target allied stack. The phantom is not able to use spells and activated abilities of the original, receives the same amount of ammo as the original creature possesses, and disappears as soon as suffers any damage. However, the phantom is incorporeal, having a 50% chance to be missed by physical attacks.
    Only one phantom of each stack can be created in any one combat. Nature magic talent level influences the maximal tier of creatures that can be duplicated.
    Tier 4 creatures
    Tier 5 creatures
    Tier 6 creatures
    Tier 7 creatures
    Earthquake  Mana cost7  (Level 3)
    Deals random amount of damage to walls and towers on the battlefield. The top cap of the damage range depends on Lord's spell power.
     15+15*Spell power
     25+25*Spell Power
     35+35*Spell Power
     50+50*Spell power
    Summon elementals
    Summon elementals  Mana cost17  (Level 4)
    Summons a random stack of elementals of Fire, Water, Earth or Air. The amount N of creatures summoned depends on Lord's spell power. There can only be one stack of summoned elementals on the battlefield per summoner at any moment of combat.
     N = 1 + 1*Spell power
     N = 2+1.5*Spell power
    Summon elementals
    Summon selected elementals  Mana cost26  (Level 4)
    Summons a chosen stack of elementals of Fire, Water, Earth or Air. The amount N of creatures summoned depends on Lord's spell power. There can only be one stack of summoned elementals on the battlefield per summoner at any moment of combat.
    Summon elementals of Fire Summon elementals of Earth Summon elementals of Water Summon elementals of Air
     N = 2 + 1.5*Spell power
    Fire wall
    Fire wall  Mana cost16  (Level 4)
    Creates a wall of fire covering a vertical line of three tiles. Deals fire damage to any non-character units found in the zone during its triggering.
    The triggering occurs when: the spell is cast; the unit moves into the fire wall zone; the unit stays in the fire wall zone at the end of its turn.
    The spell lasts three turns.
    Large creatures only take damage once for moving through the fire wall; Flyers do not take damage for moving through it.
     9 + 9*Spell power
     10+10*Spell power

    Chaos Magic:

    Magic arrow
    Magic arrow  Mana cost4  (Level 1)
    Deals Air elemental damage to an enemy target.
     24+8*Spell power
     32+8*Spell power
     40+8*Spell power
     48+8*Spell power
    Earthen spikes
    Earthen spikes  Mana cost5  (Level 1)
    The spikes cover 5 tiles in an area shaped as a cross, dealing Earth elemental damage to all creatures in that area.
     8+4*Spell power
     12+4*Spell power
     16+4*Spell power
     20+4*Spell power
    Lightning  Mana cost5  (Level 2)
    Strikes target enemy stack with a lightning, dealing Air elemental damage.
     11+11*Spell power
     13+13*Spell power
     15+15*Spell power
     17+17*Spell power
    Ice clod
    Ice clod  Mana cost6  (Level 2)
    This spell drops a huge ice clod on an enemy stack, dealing Water elemental damage.
     30+9*Spell power
     44+10*Spell power
     59+11*Spell power
     74+12*Spell power
    Ice ring
    Ice ring  Mana cost9  (Level 3)
    The spell deals Water elemental damage to all creatures around the targeted tile.
     15+5*Spell power
     27+6*Spell power
     39+7*Spell power
     51+8*Spell power
    Fireball  Mana cost10  (Level 3)
    Deals Fire elemental damage to all creatures within a 3x3 area.
     8 + 8*Spell power
     9 + 9*Spell power
     10+10*Spell power
     11+11*Spell power
    Chain lightning
    Chain lightning  Mana cost16  (Level 4)
    Deals damage to a total of four stacks, jumping from the target to the closest stack, be allied or hostile. Each new target takes half as much damage as the previous one.
     16+16*Spell power
     19+19*Spell power
    Meteorite rain
    eteorite rain  Mana cost16  (Level 4)
    Deals Earth elemental damage to all stacks within the 44 spell area.
    Damage depends on the amount of targets within the area, each additional target reduces the damage by 15%.
     16+16*Spell power
     19+19*Spell power

    Holy Magic:

    Rapid  Mana cost4  (Level 1)
    Increases an allied stack's Initiative, making its turns come faster.
    Duration spell**.
    +20% Initiative
    +25% Initiative
    +30% Initiative
    +40% Initiative
    Bless  Mana cost4  (Level 1)
    The spell fills an allied stack with holy power, increasing the creatures minimal damage.
    Duration spell**.
    The minimal damage rises up to min+T*(max-min), while T depends on the Holy magic talent level.
     T = 50%
     T = 65%
     T = 80%
     T = 100%
    Stoneskin  Mana cost6  (Level 2)
    Increases Defense of target allied stack.
    Duration spell**.
     + 3 Defense
     + 6 Defense
     + 9 Defense
     +12 Defense
    Dispersion  Mana cost10  (Level 2)
    Reduces the duration of spell effects (positive and negative) on the target (down to reducing them to instant expiration in case of sufficient spell effect). The weaker the disperser is, the less probable it is to successfully disperse an effect created by a powerful caster.
    The effect is calculated as:
    E=Base efficiency-([Caster SP]-[Disperser SP])*3%
    where SP is the Lord's Spell power or creature tier.
    In case of creatures, the tier is 1-7 for normal creatures, 2-8 for upgraded ones.
    40% base efficiency
    60% base efficiency
    80% base efficiency
    100% base efficiency
    Evasion  Mana cost6  (Level 3)
    Grants target allied stack ranged protection. The percent of damage decrease depends on the caster's Holy magic talent level. It is multiplicative by other ranged protection modifiers.
    Duration spell**.
    25% reduction
    40% reduction
    55% reduction
    70% reduction
    Chastise  Mana cost6  (Level 3)
    Calls to target stack's avenging instincts, increasing its Attack.
    Duration spell**.
    + 3 Attack
    + 6 Attack
    + 9 Attack
    +12 Attack
    Antimagic  Mana cost7  (Level 4)
    Casts partial or absolute magic shield on the target. When cast, antimagic partially or entirely removes all beneficial and negative spell effects. Efficiency depends on Lord's spell power and total HP of the target.
    The efficiency is calculated as:
    Duration spell**.
     E = 90+50*Spell power
     E =110+60*Spell power
    Teleport  Mana cost8  (Level 4)
    Ports the target stack to a desired tile within certain distance.
    The distance depends on Lord's spell power and total HP of the target.
    The maximum range distance is:
     R = 200+40*Spell power
     R = 400+80*Spell power

    Darkness Magic:

    Delay  Mana cost4  (Level 1)
    Decreases Initiative of an enemy stack, making it receive its turns less often.
    Duration spell**.
    -20% Initiative
    -25% Initiative
    -30% Initiative
    -40% Initiative
    Curse  Mana cost4  (Level 1)
    Decreases the maximal damage of an enemy stack.
    Duration spell**.
    Maximal damage is reduced down to max-T*(max-min), while T depends on the Darkness magic talent level.
     T = 50%
     T = 65%
     T = 80%
     T = 100%
    Disruption ray
    Disruption ray  Mana cost5  (Level 2)
    This spell disrupts target enemy creature's armor, decreasing its Defense until end of combat. It can be cast unlimited amount of times stacking up the effect, but cannot reduce the Defense lower than 0.
    -3 Defense
    -4 Defense
    -5 Defense
    -6 Defense
    Decay  Mana cost6  (Level 2)
    Decays an enemy stack. The decayed creatures take Earth elemental damage every time they get their turn.
    Decay damage equals 16+4*Spell power. Spell duration depends on the Darkness magic talent level.
    2 turns
    3 turns
    4 turns
    5 turns
    Weakness  Mana cost5  (Level 3)
    The spell weakens target enemy stack by decreasing its Attack.
    Duration spell**.
    - 3 Attack
    - 6 Attack
    - 9 Attack
    -12 Attack
    Confusion  Mana cost9  (Level 3)
    The spell makes target stack of enemy creatures forget what they are doing on the battlefield. Part of the stack's creatures do not retaliate or shoot. The spell does not affect Undead, Elemental and Mechanical creatures.
    Stack's ranged and retaliation damage is reduced by an amount depending on the caster's Darkness magic talent level.
    Duration spell**.
    25% confused
    40% confused
    55% confused
    70% confused
    Berserker  Mana cost15  (Level 4)
    Frenzies target stack. The target becomes hostile to any stacks around it and attacks the nearest stack dealing increased damage. The damage increase value depends on Spell power: I=1+0.03*[Spell power]. The spell lasts one turn.
    This spell does not affect Undead, Elemental and Mechanical creatures.
    Berserker can only be cast on stacks whose total HP doesn't exceed [H].
     H = 80+30*Spell power
     H =140+50*Spell power
    Blind  Mana cost10  (Level 4)
    Blinds target stack which becomes unable to move, attack or use activated abilities. The effect disappears if the creature is attacked.
    The spell does not affect Undead, Elemental and Mechanical creatures.
    The duration depends on the Lord's spell power and total HP of target:
    2*D/[HP], but never longer than 2 turns.
     D = 150+30*Spell power
     D = 250+40*Spell power

    **For duration spells, the effect lasts (Spell power) turns. If Spell power is 0, the spell will last 0.5 turns.


    Tribal spirit increase to all stacks
    Level 1 rituals require combat level 5, castle construction: Chamber of trials
    Tribal supremacy
    Tribal supremacy
    Increases morale of the lord's troops for 3 turns.
    Morale = 1+[Combat level]/8
    Tribute to spirits
    Tribute to spirits
    Target Tribal stack receives additional spirit points.
    Tribal spirit = 10*[Combat level]
    Level 2 rituals require combat level 10, castle construction: Chamber of audacity
    Lessons of history
    Lessons of history
    Deals damage to target allied stack to move it forward on the initiative bar.
    Move by
    0,1+0,02*[Combat level]
    Ancestral wrath
    Ancestral wrath
    Fears target enemy stack.
    Target's total hit points
    no higher than
    [Combat level]*70
    Level 3 rituals require combat level 17, castle construction: Chamber of might
    Battle cry
    Battle cry
    Increases speed and attack of all allied troops for 1 turn.
    Attack = [Combat level]/2
    Tribal unity
    Tribal unity
    Deals magic damage to target creature.
    Damage = total amount of creatures in lord's army.
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