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Tournaments represent a system of combats of one type, same for all players, with a competition in certain field, often for players of one level. Each player of combat level 3 and above can participate in tournaments. The participant needs to pay the admission fee only once. Afterwards, he or she can enlist for tournament challenges anytime the arena is open, as many times as the enlisting counter allows.

Tournament agenda:

1) Tournaments are held daily at 8:00~3:00 (24h system) server time for several days, the info about upcoming or current tournaments can be viewed at the Tournaments page of the Battles menu.
2) Enlisting for challenges takes place in Periods, usually every half an hour at H:00 and H:30, and lasts for 10 minutes. You may check these periods on desired tournament page when it becomes active.
3) The system arranges opponents among other participants during the last minute of enlisting. If there is no opponent to be found, the lord is rejected from the current challenge automatically.
4) All tournament battles have rates for higher experience and skill points.
5) The system will not let a participant get transferred to the next combat level after reaching the necessary amount of experience. This feature allows the player to finish the tournament of his or her current combat level. The experience will still accumulate. However, if the player takes part in any combat aside the arena, that combat will level the lord up regardless of the combat results.
6) Players are allowed to participate at different combat levels in one tournament within one tournament cycle. Obviously, the lord would need to reach the next combat level after finalizing his or her participation at the current one, and then enlist again at his or her current level by paying the admittance fee.
7) Winners of each tournament are determined by points gained; there are 3 awarding places in total. If there are several participants with equal amount of points that took awarding places, they will split up the reward.
8) During any one tournament, two players can battle each other only once.
8.1) Multiple characters of one player are allowed to participate in one tournament, however, the player has to make sure they do not face each other in one combat. Thus, multiple characters of one player should not enlist in arena challenges during the same Period.

Each tournament has its own limitations on allowed ammunition, total number of battles and defeats. Thus, if the player does not fit the ammunition requirements - he or she cannot enlist for tournament challenges. If the number of carried out or lost combats has reached the limit, the player cannot participate in the tournament at current combat level anymore.

Tournaments are divided into three types by admitted ammunition:
1) "Unarmed". Lords can only enlist for challenges with no artifact equipped at all.
2) "Standard". Lords aren't admitted to the arena unless they have a minimum set of equipment which is determined by the sum of AP (ammunition points) of worn artifacts. Only shop artifacts are allowed. Enchanted artifacts (Enchanters' guild) are allowed, but the enchantments have no effect on this arena.
3) "Free-for-all". Lords can enlist regardless of the items they currently wear. Enchantments do have effect in these types of tournaments.

Types of tournaments

  • Minor tournament
    This tournament features 1 vs 1 duel challenges. During the tournament, two characters can face each other in the Arena only once. Each victory grants 1 point. Defeats or draws do not yield points.

  • Cross-court Competition

    Battles are 2 vs 2 and waged on a unique arena which may include AI-controlled opponents and allies. Allies start out in diagonally opposite corners of the arena. The battlefield contains destructible magic walls. When a ranged attack or a damaging spell crosses a wall to reach its target, its damage is reduced by 50%. Magic walls also influence the following spells and abilities:
    -Temptresses' Seduction ability does not work;
    -Berserker and Blind cannot be used;
    -The effect of darkness spells is reduced by 50%;
    -The effect of Dominion of fire is reduced by 50%;
    -Hellfire will not trigger if the shot crosses a magic wall.

    For your troops or hero to use their skills fully, the magic walls between them and the opponentís troops need to be destroyed first.

    Other effects on this arena include:
    - Troops do not gain Tribal spirit for destroying magical walls. - Half the usual Tribal spirit is gained if your characterís Defence exceeds your Attack.
    - Participants are limited to a maximum of 20 victories per faction in this competition.

  • Paired tournament
    This type of tournament features group 2 vs 2 battles only. Any lord may choose to take part in tournament combats as random participant or a preset team.
    To participate as a preset team, your partner must be added to your friends list, and then chosen as partner when enlisting in the tournament. Enlisting as preset team will be completed only if both partners enlist as team with each other within a short period of time.
    To join as random participant, select that option and enlist.
    It is possible to participate as both within one tournament cycle, there are different credits and rewards for random and preset team participation.
    For players' commodity, there is an additional chat room during Paired tournament periods, where players may find partners for preset teams. To access it, click the "Look for partner" button on tournament page.
    Participants who successfully passed the Commanders' guild trial receive 1.2 guild points per victory in tournament combats (defeat does not yield guild points).
  • Paired Tournament Plus
    This type of tournament features the same combat system as Paired Tournament, but the awards are given out differently.
  • Paired Energy Tournament
    This type of tournament features the same format as Paired Tournament except for the following:
    - Units are recruited into your army by spending crystals;
    - Talents are ignored;
    - Faction skills and faction levels are ignored;
    - Only shop artifacts may be equipped, and any enhancements are ignored;
    - Crystals must be spent on recruiting units and/or boosting their stats so that no more crystals are left available to spend;
    - The starting number of crystals depends on the lordís level. Every morning before the tournament resumes, the number of crystals increases for all contestants regardless of their number of victories, so that all battles and tactics change from day to day for every combat level.

  • Mixed tournament
    This tournament features unique group battles with random player allocation, which are not easy to organize under usual circumstances. For instance, during this tournament, a level 5 Lord and a level 15 Lord might appear together facing three Lords of combat level 9. The teams are allocated in such a way that the battle is as interesting and balanced as possible for each team. After each combat, the coefficients of power are automatically corrected to avoid unbalanced combats in future.
  • Mixed Tournament Plus
    This type of tournament features the same combat system as Mixed Tournament, but the awards are given out differently.
  • Mixed Dark Tournament
    This type of tournament features the same format as Mixed Tournament except for the following:
    - Awards are given out differently;
    - Six approximately equal-strength lords are matched together, accounting for their factions and combat levels;
    - The combatantsí nicknames are hidden.

  • Blindfold tournament
    Blindfold tournament uses blindfold battles as a template: 6 players, "every one for oneself" battle types.
    Since 6 characters need to enlist in order to start a tournament combat, up to five last enlisted characters may be rejected. Those who enlisted earlier have better chances to get into battle.
    Any given group of six participants can encounter in one combat only once. The first to leave the battlefield gets 0 points, the second - 1 point, and so forth with the winner being awarded 5 points.
    Each character gains a new parameter for the duration of the tournament, which gives evidence of the player's tournament participation efficiency. This parameter is visible to every participant of any tournament combat. The formula for this parameter is
    [efficiency] = [tournament points gained] / [number of tournament combats] / 5 * 100%.
    If a player does not take offensive actions continuously, the troops begin to act independently. In order to reduce the probability of troops' waywardness or to regain control over independent ones, it is necessary to move, attack or use an ability with them.
    There are certain peculiarities with this tournament type:
    - Current combat id is concealed;
    - Tournament combats are concealed in the battle list;
    - Tournament combats are not displayed in combat logs until the tournament is over;
    - Participants' nicknames are concealed in combats;
    - Tournament combat replays are only available to its participants;
    - Participants who successfully passed the Commanders' guild trial receive 0.3 guild points per tournament point;
    - There is a neutral Darkness tower on the arena. Every time it gets its turn, it casts a random Darkness school group spell (except Decay) targeted at all stacks of the character whose troops count least casualties.

  • Team blindfold tournament
    This tournament is a slightly changed blindfold one. Same template, 6 characters of equal combat level fight in a blindfold arena, however, there are 3 teams of 2 players in each, one being players, and the other two teams being AI groups, the "Alec brigade" and the "Rayzar squad". The interesting point of this tournament is that you do not initially know which of your five opponents is a human player, i.e., your temporary "team member". Player characters still receive 0 to 5 points depending on how long they last on the battlefield; but in addition to personal "efficiency" there is also a "side credit", and only one side which ends up getting the most total tournament points will get prizes.
    As with the blindfold tournament, all combat identification is concealed, and participants who have successfully passed the Commanders' guild trial receive 0.3 guild points per tournament point.

  • Survival tournament
    This tournament is PVE-oriented. Players compete to fight off hordes of neutral creatures that attack them. The battles begin with characters in the middle of the Arena, like a thief ambush event. Swarm creatures come from all 4 sides in waves of 1-4 stacks. After a wave is destroyed, a next one, harder than the previous one appears.
    The number of enemies entering the arena is limited to 6 waves, a new wave of enemies enters the arena no later than three full turns after the previous wave emerged;
    Each player has ten attempts. The number and order of waves are the same for all players of the same level, but are balanced for each faction individually in shop artifacts (enchantments have no effect). Thus, any player has the opportunity to win ten challenges at once at his level, if he shows outstanding results in battles for each of the factions.
    In addition, each player will be awarded with Hunters' guild points, depending on the defeated wave: +0.25 HG if the second wave is completely defeated, +0.5 HG if the second and third waves are completely defeated and +1 HG if the first four waves are completely defeated. If all six waves are defeated, +5 parts of a rare creatures of the Leadersí Guild are additionally awarded;

    When you defeat the 6th wave of the enemy, the same number of points will be added to the points scored, multiplied by the rest of the player's troops in %
    For example, if the player scored 1000 points and at the end of the battle half of his troops saved, then the final result will be: 1000 + 1000 * 0.5 = 1500 points;

    For the duration of this tournament, viewing tournament battles is hidden from prying eyes until the reward. The tournament table of the ranking results of the corresponding tournament is published at 8 am the next day after the end of the tournament, and the rewards are made throughout the week.

    In this tournament, the "Mana recovery" talent from the talent wheels of the wizards and dark elves faction and the "Spirit link" talent used on Vampires from the talent wheel of the Necromancers do not work.

    Every wave, an Orb of Illusions appears on the arena battlefield. The Orbs are activated once when one of your stacks occupies the corresponding battlefield tile. After activating the Orb, you will benefit from a random effect such as: additional creature stack; allied stack resurrection; extra shots to shooters; mana recovery to character or creature stack; attack or defense increase of a stack.
    Orb of Reinforcement
    Additional stack of allied creatures steps into the arena
    Orb of Resurrection
    75% of perished creatures are resurrected in active stack
    Orb of Ammo
    Active stack receives 5 shots if it is a shooter
    Orb of Mana Replenishment
    Active stack receives 25 mana if it is a caster, otherwise the character does.
    Orb of Attack
    Active stack increases its attack by 10
    Orb of Defense
    Active stack increases its defense by 15
    Orb of health
    Active stack increases its hit points by 30%
    Orb of initiative
    Active stack increases its initiative by 2
    Orb of speed
    Active stack increases its speed by 1

  • Insight tournament
    This fun tournament allows all players to compete at how well they know certain faction and certain class. It will feature survival-like tournaments with waves of incoming creatures, but faction, class, army, stats and talents are preset for all characters of their combat level regardless of their current faction.
    Players have 5-9 attempts (may differ in each individual insight tournament) to score highest in any one battle. The amount and order of ambushing neutrals is the same in all combats for all players of a given level. For that reason, for the duration of a Survival tournament it is impossible to view other players' combats or replays. Rewards are separate for each combat level.
    Note that regardless of current faction, participants will earn skill points for the faction they represent in the insight tournament.

  • Throne Battle
    This type of tournament allows players to practice controlling creatures recently introduced into the game. The combats occur without artifacts, talents, skills and Guild bonuses. Each character of one faction will have an exact same appearance including army sets, regardless of the combat level, their parameters also being absolutely same. Characters of combat level 5 and above can take part in such tournament.
    Due to such combats being unbalanced, there are no prizes set nor winners registered. The purpose of this tournament is solely testing the new creatures in play and having fun.

  • Quick tournament
    This regular tournament type features dropout system auto-combats where all creatures are controlled by the AI. Combat types are 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3, and ammunition type is free-for-all. Enlisting in this tournament guarantees participation; should there be lack of player characters enlisted, AI "Alec brigade" mercenaries fill in the blank spots.
    Each time a tournament combat starts, the player manually settles his or her troops and chooses between offensive and defensive behaviour in combat.
    With offensive, melee creatures move forward and attempt to engage in melee combat whenever possible, shooters shoot, lords cast more supporive spells.
    With defensive, melee creatures hold back and defend rather than engaging in melee, shooters shoot, lords cast more damaging spells.

    Player ammunition is entirely up to the player as long as it is above the minimum AP required for the tournament and has enough durability to endure the maximum amount of battles (up to 5 for 1 vs 1; up to 4 for 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3). Note that Alec brigades can wear enchanted artifacts, just as player characters.

    The tournament schedule is as follows:
    1 vs 117:10
    2 vs 210:10
    3 vs 314:10
    On the days when other non-regular tournaments are held, the time of quick tournaments is shifted by 10 minutes to XX:20.


    After the tournament is over, results are processed, winners defined and rewards distributed.

    I. Minor, Blindfold, Team blindfold, Paired Tournaments
    1. Empire sets a basic prize and an incentive prize for every tournament.
    2. The basic prize can consist of gold and diamonds. The incentive prize can only consist of gold.
    3. 20% of all enlisting fees are added to the basic prize. 80% of enlisting fees are added to the incentive prize.
    4. Main prize on each level is split into 50%, 30% and 20% and distributed between 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively.
    5. Incentive prize is split equally between top 10% participants.
    In team blindfold tournament, there are two credits, individual and team ones.
    For paired tournament, both main and incentive prizes are split in half for random and preset team prizes. After that each of the two halves is dispensed according to paragraphs 4 and 5.

    I.I. Paired Tournament Plus
    All entry fees contribute to the main prize fund. There is no bonus fund, and no special awards are allocated for the best 10% contestants. Prizes are only awarded to those who reach the required number of victories, in any number of attempts:
    Gold: 15 victories with a win rate of 90%
    Silver: 15 victories with a win rate of 80%
    Bronze: 15 victories.

    Paired tournament plus. Gold. Preset team credit. Paired tournament plus. Gold. Random credit.  Paired tournament plus. Silver. Preset team credit. Paired tournament plus. Silver. Random credit.  Paired tournament plus. Bronze. Preset team credit. Paired tournament plus. Bronze. Random credit.

    II. Survival Tournament
    1) The prize fund is formed by the Empire at the end of the tournament and depends on the total number of participants for each level and each faction separately.
    2) Each participant of the competition who received points is worthy of rewarding, the more points - the greater the reward.
    3) In addition to gold, Hunterís Guild points and parts of the creatures of the Leaderís Guild, the best of the best will be rewarded with the following achievements:

    III. Mixed tournament
    1. Empire sets the basic prize for every tournament.
    2. 100% of all admission fees are added to the basic prize to form the main prize.
    3. Main prize is distributed between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place participants in a 50% / 30% / 20% ratio.
    More specifically, 1st place players receive 0.5*X gold each, 2nd place players receive 0.3*X each, 3rd place players receive 0.2*X each, where:
            Main prize         ;
    I - total amount of players winning 1st place;
    II - total amount of players winning 2nd place;
    III - total amount of players winning 3rd place.
    III.I. Mixed tournament plus
    The achievements are available to any hero who collects enough victories, in any number of attempts. The achievement rank is determined by how many times the player is defeated in 20 battles:
    Gold: 20 victories with a win rate of 90%
    Silver: 20 victories with a win rate of 80%
    Bronze: 20 victories.

    Mixed tournament plus. Gold. Mixed tournament plus. Silver. Mixed tournament plus. Bronze.

    IV. Quick tournament
    1. Empire sets the prize for every tournament.
    2. The prize pool is divided among all the contestants who complete at least one battle. Your reward grows with each battle, so the further you advance in the tournament, the more gold you stand to receive.

    V. Cross-court Competition
    1. At the end of the event, the Empire will provide gold rewards to every competitor who attains at least 1 victory.
    2. For notching 5 or more victories, you will receive a special backpack artifact, Warrior Figurine, which may be equipped in the competition if you so wish. The figurine increases the number of skills points gained.

    3. For securing 20 victories within one faction, you will be rewarded with a special talisman of that faction. This reward may be received for multiple factions.
    4. Those who secure 20 victories within one faction will be additionally rewarded after the competition is over.

    Card tournaments

    Regular Blitz card tournaments are held in Empire taverns. Tournaments start every half an hour, any player to lose a card game drops out of the tournament. The prize consists of three parts, awarded to the winner, the runner-up, and the third part divided equally between two semi-finalists.
    Tournament games have a turn limit of 20 seconds, and a game limit of 10 minutes. If the game limit time runs out, whoever has higher tower wins the game. All games are played by Empire Capital rules.
    Winners are awarded with achievements to their character information page besides gold prize.

    Types and agenda of card tournaments

      Tournament title Number of
    Prize Duration Time
    1st place 2st place tier-ups
    Gamblers League 64 1.000 36.000 12.000 6.000 Up to 60 min 00 and 30 min hourly
    (when no other
    tournaments held)
    Golden Deck Tournament 128 2.000 150.000 50.000 25.000 Up to 70 min 00:00, 11:00,
    15:00, 21:00
    Sunny City Cup 256 2.000 300.000 100.000 50.000 Up to 80 min 12:00, 18:00

    There are rumours of soon-to-be-held legendary "Empire Cup" Ė a tournament with a huge prize, which would only be accessible by winners of other tournaments.
    Current and upcoming tournaments may be checked in Tavern.
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