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  General rules

Registration and time passing in "Lords of War and Money" game suggests that the player has read and agrees to the under mentioned rules. The rules are not created to oppress the players' rights and game possibilities, but to protect the game community from cheaters and louts.

1. Rights and duties of the parties.

1.1. Ignorance of the following rules does not relieve the responsibility for their violation.
1.2. All players must keep up with any ruling changes on their own. When any critical addendum and/or changes are made, the Administration will post an additional notification at the game forum.
1.3. The Administration does not take responsibility for cases of causing damage while using this service (including moral damage, material damage, physical damage of all kinds and other kinds of damage).
1.4. The Administration does not take responsibility for temporal or constant lack of access to the service usage by any particular person or group of persons.
1.5. The Administration has a right to stop offering the service to any particular user, subnetwork, or in global.
1.5.1. The Administration has a right to cease access to the service for users whose in-game behavior is a dedicated assist to another character or group of characters.
1.5.2. The Administration keeps a right to cease access to the game to any player who hinders the gameplay, deceives or swindles other lawful players.
1.6. The Administration has a right to control and interfere into the game process when the situation requires it.
1.6.1. The Administration has a right to send messages related to the project as a whole, or to certain separate features, via game private mail.
1.7. The player has a duty to respect other players' national, religious and other concepts at the condition that they do not conflict with analogous concepts of the rest of the players.
1.7.1. Lecherous actions, spreading information of outright sexual nature, propagandizing non-traditional sexual preference are forbidden.
1.8. Game services are provided to players based on "as is" principle. Game characters and everything attached to them are part of the game and are not someone's property.
1.9. The player has a right to conserve his or her confidential data privacy. (Data given while registration, passwords and other private data)
1.10. The following is not allowed to be placed in any private character information site (including photo album, clan description, estates description etc.):
- insults, threats, discriminating content (on gender, age, nationality and any other basis);
- materials of sexual, erotic or pornographic nature, propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations;
- direct or indirect advertisement of narcotic, toxic and/or psychotropic substances;
- information about suicide methods, incitement towards committing suicide, acts of aggression and/or violence towards humans and/or animals;
- incitement to mutiny, overthrow of government, terror activities and/or extremist activities;
- propaganda or demonstration of Nazi symbols, abbreviations and/or designations;
- political agitation and/or canvass of any kind, as well as political materials of deliberately provocative nature;
- piracy contents, copyrighted materials including software, audio, video materials, written works, trademarks etc. without explicit consent of the copyright owner(s).
An official clan member's request to remove any portion of text or an image is compulsory and not subject to discussion.
1.10.1. Abbreviations used to insult a player are considered foul language and their usage will be punished. In cases where a two-ways understanding can occur, like masking the foul words with asterisks, the punishment discretion lies on the Administration or Moderators.
A request by any member of an official clan to remove such expressions from your in-game communication is compulsory and not subject to discussion.
1.10.2. It is forbidden to post advertisement of, or actual guides, ways of getting rich, etc.
1.11. Character's nickname should not contain foul language, vulgar or slang expressions, alcohol and/or drug propaganda, insults and racial intolerance. Using a nickname that would trick other players into considering its bearer an official clan member is forbidden. An easy-to-read nickname usage is recommended. It must not represent a gibberish combination or carry an obvious sexual or insulting context.
Characters whose nicknames violate this rule, can be blocked regardless of their combat level.
1.12. The Administration does not take responsibility for consequences of user sharing his/her character password to others. By playing from public places (internet cafes), installing and/or using software (clients, guides, calculators, etc.), visiting third-party game-related sites and so on - all responsibility for his/her character security lies on the user entirely.
1.13. Financial assist is forbidden in all aspects of the game. Financial assist is a dedicated assistance of one character to another in any way meant to increase the possessions of the latter.

2. Using automatic scripts and profiting from server errors (bugs).

2.1. It is forbidden to use any wares to emulate the player's presence in game in any way, as well as any wares that prevent the server software from functioning properly.
2.2. Any actions leading to traffic increase or considerable server overload are forbidden. In particular, automatic and semi-automatic scripts referring to the database or running game mechanisms are forbidden. Before using such applications, it is recommended to contact the Administration through the Secretary and receive a special allowance.
2.3. It is forbidden to profit from discovered errors in game algorithm, as well as any game actions, obviously not supposed by the service. In case of discovering a bug, please write about it at the corresponding forum branch or contact the Administration directly.
2.3.1. It is forbidden to decompile Flash resources of the game. It is forbidden to post decompiled Flash materials (text, images, flash animation, sounds), hidden, unused, or designed for future updates in the forum, in personal information, in photo album and in HWM Daily.

3. Game process and using additional characters.

3.1. It is forbidden to beg, blackmail or to extort money from players (game finance, real finance).
3.2. It is forbidden to menace the players with reprisal in real life.
3.3. It is forbidden to insult and/or humiliate players directly through communication media (forum, chat, mail etc.), in combat, card game, etc.
3.3.1 It is forbidden to post messages that would complicate reviewing battle chat logs and transfer logs.
3.4. It is forbidden to try to access passwords of other players.
3.4.1 Instigation to or declaring the intention of breaking a rule is prosecuted as violation of that rule.
3.5. Advertising in any manner not concerning the game process is forbidden.
3.5.1 It is forbidden to spread referral links inside the project (including game site, daily newspaper site, game radio site). Inviting players to start over by becoming referred, promising players to pay any reward in exchange for being referred is also forbidden.
3.6. Trading any in-game property or service for real money, as well as trading not game-related property or service in the game is forbidden. Real money includes not only cash, but also transfers in all kinds of currency, including the money of different paying systems, like Paypal, webmoney and so forth.
3.6.1. Donating on other players' behalf for them to get diamonds in exchange for their in-game values is illegal and will be prosecuted as violation of 3.6.
3.7. Password transfer to a different user and collective account managing are forbidden.
3.7.1. The owner is held responsible for lost password of his or her character.
3.8. The fact of logging multiple characters in the game from one computer must be by all means shown in the "character information" of all those characters with explanation of reason (relatives, friends, playing from a computer club etc).
3.8.1. Participation of several characters played from one computer in one combat is prohibited.

3.9. Additional characters created for any kind of support to the main one ("extrachars" later on), (e.g. resource and artifact keeping, trading, assists in combat or finance) are forbidden. All extrachars found will be blocked, and the owner will be subject to penalty or block.
3.10. It is allowed to create additional characters to familiarize yourself with features of other factions. Additional character must be completely independent; remember, that extrachars created for financial profiting of the main character in any way are blocked without hesitation. One player may have up to 3 characters (one main and two extras).
3.10.1. If you register an additional character, you are bound to show that in the opening line of the "character information" of both, commenting who is the main character and who is the additional one. Just the line "I've got another character" or "This is an additional character" is not enough. Indication of nicknames of them all is obligatory. Additional characters who aren't signed will be blocked on sight.
3.10.2. Main character is held responsible for additional characters' actions.
3.11. Any transfers, (including those through the market or through a third party), combats (including those with other players involved) and "Two Towers" games between multiple characters of one person are prohibited.
3.11.1. Additional characters are not allowed to play "Two Towers" games with gold bets. Regardless of combat level and Gamblers' Guild level, the only allowed bet is 0 gold. Additional characters are allowed to play in official Card Tournaments.
3.12. Bidding at the same auction lot is considered financial assist and, therefore, is also forbidden to additional characters.
3.13. Additional characters are not allowed to make presents to anyone. When buying game items from other characters, the prices mustn't differ too much from the average market prices. Trying to wash the money through substitute parties is a serious violation leading to block of the additional characters and penalty to the main one.
3.13.1. Additional characters are not allowed to loan, lend or borrow any game valuables.
3.13.2. Additional characters are not allowed to enchant or repair other characters' items.
3.13.3. Additional characters are not allowed to transfer items for repairing or enchanting.
3.13.4. Additional characters are not allowed to take or give items for rent. They are allowed to use the lease shop
3.13.5. Additional characters are not allowed to buy avatars (even at the expense of the main character) or any similar game services provided by other players.
3.13.6. Additional characters are not allowed to purchase insignia, rare set artifacts and Thief Guild Invitations (TGI) from other characters.
Additional characters may only enter the Thieves' Guild using diamonds, TGIs may not be bought by them.
Additional characters may set an auction for 3 days with initial price of 1 gold and no buyout price to sell any of the following:
  • rare artifacts (artifacts not listed in the shop and not obtainable in hunt);
  • artifacts whose description contains "This artifact is equivalent to shop artifacts";
  • TGIs obtained through reaching TG level 5;
  • Thief, Plunderer, Ranger, and Tactician sets artifacts obtained through leveling in respective guilds;
  • event artifacts massively obtained by most participants.
    Such an auction is the only acceptable way for additional characters to trade any of the above listed items.
    Increased durability shop artifacts obtained in chests of abundance or otherwise are not considered rare artifacts and may be sold and bought at ease
    3.13.7. Additional characters are not allowed to interact with Estates in any way, i.e. buying or selling them (including bidding on them at the auction), renting rooms, storing artifacts, etc. Additional characters are allowed to sell Estate Certificates to other players via the market only. To do so, they must post an auction with no buyout price, minimum price of one (1) gold, and maximum duration of three (3) days. Additional characters are not allowed to buy Estate Certificates.
    3.13.8. Additional character cannot be of higher combat level than the main one.
    Paragraph 3.13.8. of this rule was introduced on January, 8, 2013.
    3.13.9. Additional characters are not allowed to buy, sell or exchange enchanted items.
    3.13.10. Additional characters are not allowed to join any clans.
    Paragraph 3.13.10. of this rule will become effective on January 31, 2013.
    3.13.11. Additional characters are prohibited to buying shares (including making bids on them on the market), voting on an existing share of an additional character is allowed.
    An additional character is allowed to sell his shares to other players only on the market through auction without specifying a Buyout price, with a starting price and a maximum auction duration (1 day).
    3.14. There are limits for transfers intended as loans. Maximum size of debt that can be owed to all other players in total is 15,000 * [Combat level] gold. The maximum term for loans is 1 month, unless the comments to the transfers state a shorter period.
    3.14.1. Maximal cost of game services is listed in the local rules thread in trade forums. Financial assist disguised as payment for such services is forbidden.
    This rule was introduced on November, 10, 2010.
    Edited on January, 8, 2013.
    3.15. There are limits for transfers intended as gifts. Gifts from a grantor to any particular player must not exceed 10,000 gold * [Combat level of the grantor] + 250 * [Diamonds obtained by the grantor through donations] per month.
    3.15.1. Rare trophies, Thief invitations, etc. transferred as gifts are valued at market price at the time.
    3.15.2. Presents must be properly signed at all times by transferring 1 gold with proper comments. Otherwise, the transfer is considered loan and must be returned within 1 month (ref 3.14.).
    3.15.3. Transfers for the reason of leaving the game etc. are forbidden. Empire is the only character for liquidation transfers.
    This rule was introduced on November, 10, 2010.

    3.16. Staged combats leading one of the parties to losing a priori will be punished for. A staged combat by definition is one where: Any one of the parties or party members intentionally loses to the other for any reason different from having technical problems with access to the game; giveaway combats in which players intentionally move their troops to become an easy target to opponent without any tactical interest (which may be consulted with any players of same combat level). Instigation to losing a combat and promising to lose a combat is also forbidden.
    3.17. The Administration does not take responsibility for the unreturned debts and does not guarantee compensation in case of swindling by other players; as well as in case if the debtor has been blocked. When a loan is not returned in time, (the time must be written in the transfer logs, no more than a month) the swindler will be imposed a penalty of a sum twice as much. If the term isn't posted in the transfer logs, the penalty will occur 1 month after the loan transaction. The creditor does not get compensation.
    3.18. Players are allowed to store other players' artifacts in their own inventory, i.e. rent inventory space. The only acceptable transfer of artifacts for such storage is a 0 combats lease with the cost of 1 gold. Maximum term for such transfer is 1 month as defined by rule 3.14. Maximum acceptable price for renting out inventory space is defined in the local rules thread in trade forums.
    3.18.1. In cases when the terms of inventory space rent are not observed (for the reason of the owner having full inventory), the owner becomes blocked temporarily, for 7 days, to enable force return of the artifact.
    3.19. Any stakes on gold, resources and items in "Two Towers" games that are not provided by the gameplay system are prohibited.
    3.20. Any kind of payment for combat is forbidden. Rewarding or promising reward for losing, entering or quitting combat will be considered as paid-for combat.

    3.21. Any banking and bookmaker activities are prohibited without exception.
    Banking activities - granting loans with interest, receiving money from other players on deposit accounts, pawn shop business, insurance operations or any other bank activities.
    Leasing artifacts and other non-monetary valuables is allowed.
    Borrowing and loaning gold with no interest is allowed. Every transaction must be signed properly, indicating the terms of loan.

    Bookmaker activities - taking bets on sports or other events with paying the winnings in money's worth.
    3.22. Trading walkthroughs and instructions for Text quests is forbidden. It is prohibited to post and/or advertise walkthroughs in character private info, on the forum or in the chat. If a clan site lists a walkthrough, the clan leader is considered responsible.
    It is allowed to ask for advice on any given stage of the quests in the predesigned thread
    3.23. Any custom combat tournaments with a prize reward and/or a participation fee are forbidden.
    Custom card tournaments are allowed.
    3.24. Spreading Harmful Links (SHL) is prohibited. SHL means giving reference through any of the game media to sites containing any of the following:
    -viruses (including screamers);
    -black markets, bots, "cheats" etc. for LordsWM;
    -materials of indecent or insulting content;
    -other online games or their advertising;
    -options of earnings through the Internet;
    -polls on subjects not concerning the game;
    -counters of visits (clicks), unless they are related to the game;
    -a request to enter one's character's password.
    3.25. There are currently no official clients, patches, scripts and other wares for this game. By downloading and installing any that pretend to be, you take a risk to lose all property and access to your character. The Administration will not claim responsibility for using such wares and recommends to restrain from their use.
    3.25.1. It is forbidden to post links to any programs and scripts except those by demin, Antviolence and Theatre Of Pain. Beware of forgery.
    Warning! The Administration is aware of the above-mentioned players' productive works and does not prohibit their usage. However, the scripts are unofficial, we do not take responsibility for any issues that might occur during their functioning. Use them at your own risk.

    3.26. Financial pyramids are forbidden in this game (including creating recruiter networks for clans by promising them part of recruitment fees).
    3.26.1. A clan where the Leader's promises are not brought to realization is considered a financial pyramid. In case when funds were accumulated in a clan for a public purpose (such as purchasing TGI or rare items/sets), and no such purpose has been brought to realization, the prosecution is supposed to present proof from his or her transfer log. Clan leader is held responsible and, if unable or reluctant to return those funds, will be blocked for swindling if the fault is confirmed.
    3.26.2. Only clan Recruiters may be awarded for bringing newer recruits into the clan. Clan leaders are advised to limit the recruiting duties to official Recruiters. Clan ranking systems, as well as any relevant rewards, are still legal, if no other rule is broken in the process.
    3.27. Clan ownership and/or positions in clan cannot be sold. Clan ownership can be passed to another character free of charge only. In case of Military clan it can only be transferred after consulting the new candidate for leadership with the clan members. Such consulting must be held in the "Clans" section of the forum. Transfers of any in-game values in return for clan ownership transfer/position distribution will be considered a violation. Both sides will be subject to punishment up to blocking both characters.
    This rule was introduced on November, 10, 2010.
    Edited on January, 8, 2013.
    3.28. If the Military clan leader is replaced, any member of that clan may post a petition in "Clans" forum and require 100% compensation of all taxes and contributions paid to the clan, but no later than 7 days since the declaration about leadership change. The previous leader is supposed to pay off. The member is supposed to present proof from his or her transfer log, as well as to explain the reason of his or her dissatisfaction with the new Leader's position. Shall the ex-leader not dispose of the necessary gold sum or equivalent, he or she will be blocked for swindling.
    3.29. In case if the clan leader becomes blocked, the Administration does not compensate any fees paid to the clan.
    3.29.1. In case of block of clan's leader, all negotiations are to be made with its deputy. If clan deputy had not been appointed, any funds paid or donated to that clan will not be returned.
    3.29.2. It is possible to ask an Administration representative to reassign the clan leadership from leader to deputy in the following cases:
    - Military clan: clan leader is absent from the game for 3 months or more; the leader has not prohibited to reassign leadership in his clan in his or her personal information page;
    - Clan with blocked leader: the leader does not have "Not to be unblocked" seal in his transfer log; the leader is not blocked for financial assist, insults or SHL; at the moment of block the clan counts more than 50 members.
    3.30. Weekly clan taxes mustn't exceed 300*[character combat level] gold. The maximal term for advance payment is 1 month, it is illegal to prepay and to collect taxes for longer periods (including a large payment for exemption from clan taxes).
    3.30.1. If the clan Leader is collecting gold do militarize his or her clan, then each member except additional characters may transfer funds for that purpose only once, no more than [15,000*CL] gold. While the clan is not yet militarized, the clan Leader must return the transferred funds to any user upon his or her first request. If one month passes since the first militarization payment and the clan still isn't militarized, the clan Leader must refund all players with their payments.

    3.31. It is forbidden to collect fees for matrimony usage of Estates, i.e. to charge your spouse for using it. Contracting a marriage with the purpose of selling a place in the Estates will be considered financial assist.
    3.32. Rent prices for guest lounges should not differ significantly from average prices.
    3.32.1. The maximal rent term of a guest lounge is limited technically to one week. It is forbidden to collect fees for lounge rentals of a period exceeding one week. Comments on rent transfers are compulsory, any suspicious transfers will be considered financial assist.
    3.33. Storing other players' artifacts in one's Estates is forbidden.
    3.34 The terms of transactions between players are determined by the game mechanics, additional agreements between players are invalid and are not taken into account when considering complaints.
    Agreements on "kickbacks" from any auctions are invalid and the administration does not protect anyone's interests in cases of default of such agreements by one of the parties.

    You may address the Secretary any concerning questions.

    Please note that these rules weren't created to limit the game process. On the contrary, they were created to improve the game and to provide every player with a chance to win.
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