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Text Quests. Discussion thread.


AuthorText Quests. Discussion thread.
The present thread is the only authorized thread to discuss text quests completion.
Please take note that posting walkthroughs on the quest as a whole or on any given part is forbidden.
If you have questions concerning specific part of the quest (if you are stuck or the like), post your question here and people with expertise will try to answer.

A short FAQ on the text quests:

Q: What in the world is that?
A: Text quests are text-based RPG adventures, usually representing one storyline with a main purpose, known by the player at any given moment of passing it, as well as multiple optional secondary purposes, appearing here and there in course of its completion.

Q: What is it usually about?
A: The quest storylines are closely related to the story narrated in the official announcements. You do not need to have read those announcements in order to be able to complete the quest; nevertheless, doing so is recommended to understand the whole picture.

Q: Why even bother doing it then? Those long texts instead of actual updates are already making me nervous!
A: All players will be awarded for the first time they successfully complete each quest! Moreover, the size of that reward actually depends on how effectively they have completed it. Also, each player will be given a personal link certifying he or she has completed it, which can be used in public for bragging :o)

Q: How many attempts do I have?
A: Text quests are playable unlimited amount of times. Your failures do not matter, you may always restart the quest. But you will only be rewarded once.

Q: Okay you persuaded me. Where do I start?
A: I've heard someone was looking for you (no kidding, for you really) in the East Bay Inn. Check Map -> Public Services to locate it.

Q: Any hints you could give me while I'm traveling there?
A: Here are some.
1) Read. Whatever you are doing, put it aside and try to concentrate on the text. For every action you take there is a consequence; sometimes the text that looks useless might hold important information for further questing.
2) Experiment. Whenever you see an object - pick it. Wherever you see a character - interact, unless you know for sure from the plot that doing so will cause a negative influence on your walkthrough. Whenever you are given an equal choice - try remembering it and picking another one next time.
3) Think. You will most probably fail if you just click everything you see randomly. When you feel you are stuck, come back to this thread and ask your question, the Sages and other weathered Questers will be glad to help.
4) If you made a mistake or you become stuck and know you will have to replay, there is a surrender option: white flag icon in the middle of the quest window. After surrendering the quest you will be able to pick it up again and replay at once.

Each action in the quest is conditioned logically. If you read everything that's written with due attention, you won't have to run wild in the describe world. Instead, you'd just need to think a little, involve some imagination, and the solution will come to your head.
The first text quest contains some maths to be done in order to complete it successfully.
i think quest have some bug:i defend and lose 4, wait lose 3..any time..
No bug, there is a reason for that - you'll have to deduce it =) Or just ignore the reason and pick what suits you.
I just fail my 1st quest in Seraph's Tears. But I think I know what I should do next time :)

BTW, how long will it takes for the next quest to become available?
Fantastic! Thanks guys!!
Oh.. I already found out that when we fail, we can go back to East Bay Inn, and we can do it again
Q: If I decline the outpost quest, can I start it over later without consequences?
I failed on the fourth day. The probability of getting attacked was only 16% but I got attacked by some powerful creatures and got destroyed. Next time I'll have to recruit more soldiers I guess.
Thanks for this new update~
Q: If I decline the outpost quest, can I start it over later without consequences?
A: Yes, absolutely.
i failed on 12 day ... thx for updates
Just lost twice in a row because creatures with 58 attack and 22 defense kept attacking, against my 22 attack and 28 defense.

I dont like this quest at all.
Still, thanks for the update

I feel your pain. I was in a similar situation when I did it. It's so hard to strike a balance between builders and soldiers.
^^ Great, now i dont need translator to do text quest. Thx.
This is a lot of fun!!
Frustrating :P
Got 70/100 in 1st try.
Really funny, i hope the quests go on so nice
thanks for the update
+16.. frustrating :(

I missed my enroll time because of this one :p
failed 4 times already :D
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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