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AuthorText Quests. Discussion thread.
Pantheon #539
To the time, when we will have next text quest or something like that, we must do sth :) so Merc Quests is next on the list to do :) But before i will try to do these quests i should first grown up my lev at least to lev 5 :P
for Darth-Misiek:
You can always redo that text quest again for fun?? :)

Certain Merc Quests can be done at your current level 3:
Vanguard of Wizard
Conspirator types.

Though I do recommend level 5 for at least half of the quests{0}, level 6 to be able to do most {0}, and level 8 for doing certain monster{0}.

Merc Quest FAQ:

I know it's a little outdated, so Conspirator types discussion only appears in the last few pages.
I compleated the construction by 105 % then also the quest was considered in complete i compleated the construction in exactly the 15th day
Did you also have 200 population? That's also one of the requirements to have on day 15.
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