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AuthorText Quests. Discussion thread.
Q: I just completed the quest and got 70 points.
If I complete it again and get 100 this time, do I get an extra 300 gold?

A: nope, no extra gold for going through it again unfortunately
is there set days that you are attacked
I get the feeling this is based on an impossibility with a boost of luck. I have tried every strategy I can come up with and after 8 steady hours of trying, I have gained nothing but a headache. On the plus side, I have now memorized a new story to read to my kids for bedtime.
for Larelorm:
definitely not impossible, maybe a small dose of luck wouldn't hurt. many people have finished it, it's all a numbers game. remember:
The first text quest contains some maths to be done in order to complete it successfully.
very hard..

i fought them in days 6..

my attack:10
my defense:13

enemy attack:90
enemy defense:30

very hard..

i not kill them at all...
I finish it 4 times and then I stop.

Actually, after you are able to finish it for the 1st time.. and you know what you should do to win, you can do it without having too much difficulties
is there set days that you are attacked

No. It's based on the possibility of attack each day
The provision supplies are drained and hunger isn`t the best instigation to progress. The survivors soon break up and disperse, you pack your suitcase, thinking gloomily about how you will look into the eyes of the Court representatives.

why my mission failed?..

it giv me above note
how do u increase your soldiers % cause i cant change it from 0%
Your soldiers % are the % you didnt't place into the rest
i only can until days 8..

the maximum day..

very hard
For angah160:

Not enough food, it is already stated there that provision must be positive.
damn, day 15 provisions -4.
Day 15... got attacked with only 9 soldiers... But I was desperate to finish it :P
how can u all get until day 15?
for Straws:
i know about that..

when the population is more...the soldiers is less...

how can i win with that
I finished it but the last day I got hit with 235 attack and 170 defense that messed up my final score terribly. I was getting so lucky to until that point only getting attack 3 times=/
What happen if I survive until the end but building not reach 100% n population below 200 will I still get reward?
[Post deleted by moderator Takesister // Incorrect Data.]
for darmogathel:
you get nothing, it's a fail.
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