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AuthorText Quests. Discussion thread.
i had something like 50 soldiers against 17 bears and couldn't even kill them all.. O_o
i died at day one due no food :P
What kind of reward can i get? :)
How many quests are there? I see it takes a lot of effort (and writing) to create even 1 quests for us. I really can't imagine anyone took the time to do 100s or 1000s of different text quests for us. So is there a limit to how many different ones u can do successfully?

Sounds disappointed, but 1.

Hmm.. lemme see if I got this right.

So there's only one quest.. and u can do it unlimited times.

So once I know the correct way of doing it, I can do it non-stop and earn 1000 gold each time? (?)
So once I know the correct way of doing it, I can do it non-stop and earn 1000 gold each time? (?)

You get reward only once. But you can do it over and over.
is it a limited time for doin it? will the quest disappear eventually?
I passed, but with only 70/100 :((

How do you manage to get 100/100 ??
[Post deleted by moderator EROCS // No helping please.]
Scored 80 points out of 100


I think... I will try again later with different approach :)
i was just going to win but in the last day i got attacked by 30 satyrs come on this is not fair
I like your way to say its all maths stuff.

Sorry but from a math point of view, 21, 16 and 18% arent much likely to be attack, why do I got all of them ?

Its all Luck based. No need to make us think alot, ALL LUCK BASED.
Woot! 5 times the charm. :p

Let me do the maths : 1000 gold x 8 missed tried out of failed probabilities = 0 gold. Thanks, not worth it
Well, I completed the stronghold, and it didn't appear on the map. Why? xD :D

Just kidding, i know it is normal :P


I'm not a bargaining one :P
i keep failing because my suplys stop coming through and ever time i do 25% for all how do i get more suplys to come through so i dont fail it
@ 56

Just read the Wizard's tips. He says how much a Peasant can do :)
Quest completed^^ 100/100

yikes....day 14...you meet 11 trolls....att:200 and def 114...:(
Baf :)

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