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AuthorText Quests. Discussion thread.
they really need to fix the combat, your best option is to attack everytime. Waiting and defending do not do what thier description identifies them to do
Actually I found all 3 options useful in certain situations.
Defending seems to improve the chance of losing no units in any particular round. Waiting is the only option that I've not noticed a benefit.
Defending was useful....

Waiting...not as useful...but if you wait several turns in a row and then attack...it worked occasionally and it dealt a lot of damage even to trolls...

However, attack was the most useful...:)
if we wait .. .. the enemy will attack us if we defend the enemy attacked us slowly
very dumb and random quest. after loosing 7th time from endless hordes with unreal stats like 170 atk and 70 def on day 7+, i decided not to try passing this quest 1 more time. just a waste of time, imho.
^^ Its not dumb, just so unlucky so keep trying ;)
Will there be more quests, if so will there be a consistent time frame? Such as every 2 weeks, once a month, every 2 months, or will it be just on special occasions, or as fit for official announcement story lines?
Second one. There will be more, but they will not appear on a regular scale.

Will quest only have a limited duration, or will they be available until completed?
They will always be available since their appearance.

Example: A new quest is given every month, if a new player signs up in 6 months will they have 6 quests available to them?
After I finisht the quest, I have 1.100 points. Is it the max point? I see many players have that point, no more than that.
is there a formula for winning the text quest
or is it just luck
defending seems to increase my losses...
After I finisht the quest, I have 1.100 points. Is it the max point? I see many players have that point, no more than that.
1, 100 points actually. Completed 1 quest, total of highest point gained on each quest is 100 points. Yes, 100 point is the highest score for each quest.

is there a formula for winning the text quest
or is it just luck

You need strategy (and some calculation) on assignment of the posts, and some luck on attacking foes you face. Battling phase has some mechanisms that are unrevealed.

The wizard also gives out hints to help you complete your quest.
11-07-09 09:38: Quest "Outpost" successfully accomplished by Elven_Lord. Scored 100 points out of 100. Award 1,000.

Constant link for your result: https://www.lordswm.com/quest_summary.php?id=8757&key=5390249a2c0303ee5f25d3dcaaa241c6
wooo finally :)
can anyone give some hints of how to win the text quest?

i tried soooooooooo many times and i can't beat it
[Post deleted by moderator Straws // Please read general rule 3.25]
The essential thing is observing what population does what effect exactly (which is possible for all except soldiers even fro the first attempt), an then just grabbing a piece of paper or notepad and do a little math. =) In fact, there are more than one successful strategies to complete it, one not much worse than others.
arctic, i hope i am allowed to give a hint for those frustrated by the quest.

you can do that on a piece of paper, but it's easier in ms excel, open office spreadsheet, gnumeric spreadsheet or whatever has the same functionality.

you know that there is a relationship in between two consecutive days as a function of the number of peasants, foremen, agitators and soldiers. find the relations between each type of population and the next day population, provision and outpost %. once you find those relationships, just put them recursively in a spreadsheet for each day out of those 15. all you need now is to know roughly how much population and how much from your outpost is destroyed during raids. put a maximal loss there (you need to find it firstly) and start constructing your strategy. in this way you will need only to implement some number and the spreadsheet will do the simulation for you. you lose less time and you find your strategy. yesterday, i finished thrice (after that i stopped doing that quest :D) using those simulations.
I think I'll just give up. I tried it numerous times. On the 14th day I had all conditions completed, yet on the 15th, got attacked by numerous enemis with 220~ attack and massive defence I don't remember exactly. Despite having as much soldiers as possible without starving enemey overpowered me on the final day :/
how you people get 1000 points???
i only got 700..T_T

You didn't listen carefully enough to the dark elf in the inn :P :D
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