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  Luck and morale

Luck parameter of a creature determines the chance to deal double damage during its attack. The basic luck value is 0, so double damage is never dealt. If a Lord increases his or her luck parameter, this value can alter. Luck does not influence the character's attacks, but it influences the luck of all character's creatures. Luck can also attain negative value. In this case attacks of troops have a chance to deal half damage. Lucky and unlucky attacks on the battlefield are illustrated with a rainbow shine.

Negative Luck

Morale parameter defines the creature's chance to get turns more often than its initiative allows, or, on the contrary, to lose turns. Single stacks have morale value of zero, so the turns are neither lost nor made frequent. Morale can change according to the morale parameter of the Lord, as well as due to the troops consistence. Higher morale allows the creature to get their next turn twice faster. Such morale is illustrated as a golden bird silhouette above the creature.

Negative Morale

The probability of morale/luck triggers = F^(1+[moves befallen so far]-[moves not befallen so far]*F/(1-F)), whence F is Min(0.5;luck/10) or Min(0.5;morale/10), each stack having its own independent counters for morale and luck.
In general, troops are befallen with morale/luck according to its normal probability. In case if it hasn't trigger for several consecutive turns, the odds of getting it on the next turn increase each time, and vice versa. In a hypothetical experiment with infinite amount of triggering, the general probability is still equal to 10% per morale/luck point.
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