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Immune to magic/Immune to earth magic07.10, 06:083Mercenary Exile07.10, 08:50, by Marquis Thornwald
Cannot sell orichalum to facility in fairy tail07.09, 04:541#1209Jassi07.09, 04:54, by #1209Jassi
can you select what mission you want to play in MG?07.08, 12:067#1209FearMyArmy07.08, 12:41, by #9595Acean
Is LeG battles enough to prevent shares going automatically into auction?07.04, 18:364#9595Arekino07.06, 13:45, by #9595Happy_orc
smiths guild power leveling07.04, 02:287#1209slayerofall07.04, 04:44, by #1209Botmun
demoralize mechanic07.02, 09:213Mercenary Exile07.03, 05:59, by Mercenary Exile
damage of black widows's shadow slash06.30, 07:053#1209bp9907.03, 00:57, by #1209bp99
Debuffs and other effects that persists after using raise dead06.30, 13:203Mercenary Exile07.01, 19:35, by Mercenary Exile
Cost of creature arts after repair06.30, 10:223Mercenary Exile06.30, 10:42, by Mercenary Exile
Guide to play as Tamer Dark Elf06.27, 10:276FookMySelf06.30, 09:05, by King_Luigi
Using portal on phone06.29, 10:573Mercenary Exile06.29, 11:01, by Mercenary Exile
Lethargic Malady damage calculation06.28, 14:298Mercenary Exile06.29, 06:30, by Mercenary Exile
Dominion of fire06.27, 19:1911#10273Macware106.28, 12:01, by #10273Macware1
Demiliches' raise dead06.27, 11:353Mercenary Exile06.27, 11:51, by Mercenary Exile
cannot I win TG battles with minimum AP?06.21, 06:083Malitos06.27, 10:00, by #1209kchong
Transfering leadership of a standard clan06.26, 13:573Like_Right_Hand06.27, 05:24, by Like_Right_Hand
Blacksmiths06.22, 01:1910#1209bp9906.26, 11:21, by #9595Acean
Why outriders have range less than 6 and what is it exactly?06.21, 08:068#7705Elrond06.22, 00:25, by #7705Elrond
why my TG at lvl 2 is becoming so tough?06.21, 05:314Malitos06.21, 14:08, by y0Junior
donate unit question06.20, 15:246#7490DragonStick06.20, 22:10, by #1209rikudosennin
Sea Mission Stage 1306.20, 10:268FookMySelf06.20, 14:51, by #9595Hapkoman
Leader's Guild Offer!06.20, 14:132#9595legend-bouc06.20, 14:21, by #1209mellor
Regarding Racism by Kchong06.19, 11:546#9595yashu1232306.19, 13:50, by Edwin
Lvl 13 cheapest mid ap set?06.18, 15:236#7705napalmi06.19, 11:26, by #7705napalmi
LeG event - LeG potion boost06.17, 21:128#7705Elrond06.18, 02:20, by #7705Elrond
Change how the items work in this game06.17, 16:543Douro06.17, 17:53, by Hastos
Threat Level Confusion06.13, 09:425FookMySelf06.17, 16:11, by FookMySelf
Thieves guild is 7..yet initiative is 0. Any help?06.16, 10:597#7490Lord evil_devil06.16, 11:18, by #9595Acean
Days of stuff06.11, 16:003Angel of Death06.14, 06:10, by Murali
Weapon enhancement06.13, 11:398#9595Harrriiiharan06.13, 19:42, by #9595Harrriiiharan

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