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Wasnt there a website that showed the cheapest minimum arts for each level? I wanna maximize my gold so I can start getting other factions castles
sent u some arts for free so u have free gold
for kchong:thanks lol i have alot of gold already tho xD just wanted to save more
for bobsrevenge999:
Trust me never have a lot of gold
for Dark_Snow:
What do you mean
The amount of gold needed for castles and AG3 is like 10 million? HG and MG is finite resource. The gold you have is an illusion, imagine you have student loan.
Exactly what vitzyas said
And also my gold is gonna delete when I get my last tier upgrades roughly 1.8 million for all factions
for Vitzyas:ah yea I understand that
for Vitzyas:
Yea I only have knight and dark elf castle and missing pieces of both :(
for Vitzyas: why does it cost money for adventurers guild can u not just save my op arts from events for it
AG isn't as expensive as people make it out to be.
for diversecity:
Figured as much
AG is just a lots of battles. Problem with op arts is that they have usually insane repairing fee.
I spent around 1,5 million gold during builder's day a couple of days ago. I just upgraded structures in 4 castles from lvl 13 to lvl 14. The high final cost really surprised me. Now I feel mental hangover and being poor. I hope that just 13-14 is so expensive.
for Lord Mora:
did you build entire 4 castles for that amount or something, because full castles took 1.2 mil at level 17 with DU upgrade
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