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How does chain lightening jump?10.18, 23:113Marquise10.19, 00:26, by Marquise
Level 10 Mage Dark Elf Set10.06, 06:054Yaoi10.08, 08:29, by Yaoi
Collect gold from Inferno March now10.06, 17:132#7705Alexso10.06, 17:46, by #1209rikudosennin
Facility Share10.05, 04:542#7705Mzy10.05, 07:05, by Dire Khaoz
Thief ambush10.02, 14:033SHadyReaper10.02, 16:18, by SHadyReaper
Share Facility10.02, 09:414#7490discount10.02, 12:52, by #7490discount
Morale burst and ATB10.01, 03:154#4201virtual_vitrea10.01, 16:35, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Autumn offer09.29, 01:143SHadyReaper09.29, 08:37, by SHadyReaper
Adventurer's Guild Question09.29, 05:402Another Player09.29, 06:11, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Email change09.28, 13:075Cric3z5255709.28, 18:21, by Cric3z52557
Failure to pass Level 4 of Inferno Challenge09.26, 11:384FookMySelf09.26, 23:06, by #4201virtual_vitrea
List of AG battles09.25, 04:332Another Player09.25, 13:09, by #9595Acean
Unique Character Images09.15, 11:4018darkelf8409.24, 05:25, by darkelf84
potion of oblivion09.21, 01:033Mitsikouleas09.21, 01:38, by Mitsikouleas
any idea how to win this battle?09.19, 11:494#1209FearMyArmy09.20, 09:39, by paladinleader
Orge sharmana and tribal spirit09.19, 12:215SHadyReaper09.20, 06:09, by kchong
Can't buy ABC in Store09.18, 16:182#7490Marhallet09.18, 16:28, by #7490Marhallet
When Is it a good time to change factions to start building up the other bonus?09.16, 20:404#9595padawan12309.17, 06:11, by Murali
post your request for assist in LeG Event09.16, 10:272#1209FearMyArmy09.16, 10:41, by #8160lord fallen
Donation offer09.14, 10:299SHadyReaper09.14, 15:02, by #7490napalmi
Donation event?09.10, 12:352#7490napalmi09.10, 13:02, by Fury_Barb
Sell Heaven/Dark parts09.05, 10:133Thalysa09.05, 10:47, by Thalysa
Probally been asked 1000 times: How can I change the interface back to classic09.03, 21:192Hariako09.03, 22:33, by Murali
Day of the tournament/card game?09.03, 00:193666beasty09.03, 01:11, by #1209Arcanide
Surviving troops in Leaders Guild09.01, 15:324#7705Lawton09.02, 00:14, by #8160lord fallen
Inventory Sets Cant be Saved08.14, 06:246FookMySelf09.01, 04:39, by FookMySelf
Repair08.30, 09:025#7490Jassi08.30, 20:12, by #7490Jassi
EXP Gain08.30, 04:144#7705Mzy08.30, 08:06, by rohanarora
Tournaments + level up08.30, 04:092Krumbert08.30, 04:14, by #7490XxpopstarjackxX
Rogues Raids - CL10 - Looking for partner08.24, 14:302KabutoYakushi08.24, 23:22, by Lord Chance12

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