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Topic Date
Author Last message
Thives guild06.22, 13:244666Lara66606.22, 14:39, by 666Lara666
Psychopatic Mercenary Guild Manager06.22, 03:313FookMySelf06.22, 11:11, by #4201Calamity
How to report rude player?06.20, 18:284FookMySelf06.20, 22:27, by #1209Arcanide
Combat lags06.20, 11:598Bunnie06.20, 16:18, by ___Nikos__
Damage difference for Classic Wiz06.17, 12:545Ashborn06.17, 13:52, by Ashborn
It doesn't display abilities06.08, 13:2947-King of Kings06.16, 16:51, by #1519slayerofall
Freeze in fear option06.15, 20:373#7490balauter06.16, 11:36, by #1209Arcanide
Talent06.15, 12:295#9595Lord thanderbolt06.16, 06:32, by #9595Lord thanderbolt
Hello everyone06.14, 17:264#7490balauter06.15, 07:21, by rikudosennin
Knight For Thief06.01, 19:408___Nikos__06.13, 19:01, by ___Nikos__
Quick tournament auto battles06.13, 16:243Daisha06.13, 16:34, by Daisha
Leader guild difficult challenge offering 1.5 points06.11, 17:354#7490Jassi06.12, 09:33, by #7705Murali
EXP in battles06.03, 11:115___Nikos__06.08, 14:33, by ___Nikos__
Event : upgrade06.06, 09:513strawbear06.06, 11:42, by strawbear
donations06.03, 09:275BobEsponja06.06, 10:03, by krovak
Faculty share05.31, 14:455#9595Lord thanderbolt06.04, 16:45, by #9595Lord thanderbolt
Weapona for TG06.01, 02:113#7490Dark_Snow06.01, 10:22, by #7490Dark_Snow
Estate construction license05.25, 20:464frobsy05.26, 00:07, by #1209Arcanide
profit for guild controlling location05.24, 12:013BobEsponja05.25, 06:16, by #1209Botmun
Leaders guild: resurrection05.21, 23:427RedFoxx05.23, 08:51, by RedFoxx
Blind removal didn't work05.22, 03:1310#7490Jassi05.23, 05:57, by #5722PlayboT
Adventure guild with other faction class05.22, 16:513LuckyLuky05.22, 18:20, by LuckyLuky
Mobile app- is it safe?05.20, 14:507RedFoxx05.20, 19:06, by RedFoxx
[Eng] Helpful Tools and Resources05.20, 13:431#8212TheArthusii05.20, 13:43, by #8212TheArthusii
How can i play CG battles with a faction where FST is less than 10?05.20, 12:263Lord evil_devil05.20, 13:06, by BobEsponja
Wardens05.14, 13:325___Nikos__05.18, 16:20, by krovak
Leaders guild05.12, 14:276#7490Dark_Snow05.17, 12:59, by krovak
Shadow mistresses05.13, 16:287DragonStick05.14, 21:18, by DragonStick
AP limit on battles05.12, 22:276___Nikos__05.14, 01:50, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Economic penalty for script usage05.10, 18:249Hammer Thrower05.12, 14:06, by Hammer Thrower

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