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Dictionary of game slang, abbreviations, special terms

AuthorDictionary of game slang, abbreviations, special terms
Below are slang words, expressions, acronyms etc in Russian and their meaning in terms our community is accustomed to.
Our team made special selections in [such brackets] to list possible interpretations that could be especially hard to understand. That's what players of low literacy, or those who type directly in Russian with English letters, or those who use automated translation like Google translate oddities =) could use.

Please note that communication is subjective, and many players may invert some of these phrases to his or her commodity, or even to play a prank on a player who is not familiar with Russian language etc. It's all complicated, and adapting may indeed be a very tough thing to do, but we ought to start with something.

Acromage, arcomage - Two towers card game
Altgrade, altup [altap] alternative upgrade of creatures
Animate - 'Raise dead' spell
Answer, reply, return, response [otvet, otvetku] - might mean Retaliation strike.
Anti, anti-skill [antiumka, antiumelka] - fs passive defense, i.e. faction skill (or its level) in non-active faction, i.e. character stat that grants 3% damage reduction per level.
Arab, arb [cart] Crossbowmen, Knight tier 2 upg
As, ass [Ace] - Poisoners, DE tier 1 upg (derived from assassin). Well, they might also mean ass, depends.

Babe, baba - in fact, any female or arguably female creature / character
Bats - ref. LE
BD [DB] - morale
the B word - ref. Succ
BK, BC - MC, military clan
Blades [klinki] - Forest keepers, Elf tier 2 upg
Blago [Blessing, good] - 'Bless' spell
Block - other than character block, it often means placing a unit near enemy shooter to prevent it from shooting.
Blya - (I'm sure a lot of Russians are going to make fun of me for this one) A universal curse in Russian, meaning the person is unhappy with something. It is considered foul language in many media including this game.
Brilliant [Bril, brul, Bruhl, brullik] - diamond (resource).
Butterfly - pixie, sprite, dryad, Elf tier 1.

Cans, canned [conserve, preserves, konserva etc] - 1. Knight faction or character. 2. Swrodsmen/Guardians, Knight

Chef, chief [shef] - Orc chieftains, Barb tier 3 upg
Chicken - Griffin, Knight tier 4
Chuma - ref. Plague
CM, SM - SP, spell power
Craft, kraft - the process enchanting/modifying an artifact, or an enchanted item. (Don't ask me why, never could explain this hehe)
Crit [krit] - double damage caused by either luck or favoured enemy triggering
Cross [Crest, krest] - 1. 'Earthen spikes' spell. 2. Farmer, Knight tier 1
Cuirassier - ref. Latnik
CV, CW [KW, KV, HF] - Clan wars, a feature yet to be added to the game, but massively anticipated by players.

Dancers, dances [tanci, tancor] - (elite) forest keepers (brethren), Elf tier 2
Dub - ref. Oak

Ears - ref. LE

Familiars, fams [famy] - Spawns, Demon tier 1 upg
FGV [SCFs] - Thief forum branch
Fetishist - player who prefers to fight with as many arts as possible (Opposite - nudist)
Feature [Ficha] - often meant as opposite to bug, i.e. something that doesn't function as expected, but not a bug
Full - ref. Gosfull
Furies, fury [furka, furki, trailers] - Shrews, DE tier 2 upg

GC, GK - Gamblers' guild
GKuz - Smiths' guild
GN - Mercenaries' guild
GO - Hunters' guild
GOr [Gore] - Enchanters' guild
GR - Laborers' guild
GRj [GRzh, AnGR] - Rangers guild. Sometimes people might say GR as what that is laborers' or rangers' guild
GT - Commanders' guild
GW, GV - Thieves' guild
Good - ref. blago
Gosfull, GFBK - full set of shop items to give a player maximum stats for his level (Full Arts No Enchantments - FANE?)
Grims [Makeup] - Lizard assailants, DE tier 4 upg

Half-full [polu-full] - light version of GFBK to get much AP, but does not provide max stats. Used mainly to save money on buying arts
Haste [hast] - 'Rapid' spell
HZ [XS] - Idk, I don't know

Inc [Inca, ink(s)] - Clerics, Knight tier 5 upg
Infantry - ref. Peh

Kach [cach, Kutch] - dedicated development of a character
KBO [CCD] - FFA, a type of Commanders' guild battles where players are allowed to use rare arts with enchants
Kraft - ref. Craft
Krest - ref. Cross
Krit - 1. ref Crit. 2. ref. ZV
Kodotyrk - ref. Tyrk
Koja, kozha - ref. Skin
Konserva - ref. cans
Ku - 1. Hello (just a greeting). 2. Swinging strike (barbarian special ability)
KV, KW - ref. CW
KZS, KSZS [GLC] - EOFO group battle type

Lak - luck
Latnik [Laty, cuirassier] - Guardian, Knight tier 3 upg
LE [ears, bats, ushany] - Elf faction or character
Leather - ref. skin
Light [svet] - Holy magic, spells, or faction class

Marinad(e) - intentional stalling of combats
Marine - ref. Peh
Meat [myaso] - very diverse, this one. 1. Stacks that aren't of much help, used to take retaliation or to block some creature's way etc. 2. Cretures with lots of HP (e.g. minotaurs) useful for cast+run tactics
Mini, minis [miniki, miniks, minicoy] - mini-artifacts (ability or bonus on creatures)
MK - SE, standard-enchanted ammunition type (mostly in CG)
Mod, mods - 1. Enchantment, modifier on artifacts. 2. (Also [smotr, smotritel, caretaker]) - Moderator
Mult - extrachar, illegal additional character. May also mean legal additional character.
Mutant - extremely well developped character, often with a full set of anti-skills (ref Anti)

Naked - 1. Player with min to no arts. 2. Golems, Wizard tier 3
Nudist - player who prefers to fight with as least arts as possible

- AP, ammunition points.
Oak(s) [dub, duby] - Treefolk, Elf tier 6
OIF - General game forum
Otvet - ref. Remove reply; ref. Answer

Perk(s) [Perki] - talent(s)
Pers [Persian, personage] - Character
Peh, pehi [marines, infantry] - Swordsmen Knight tier 3
Plague [chuma, chumka, distemper] - infected zombies, Necro tier 2 upg. Also could mean 'Decay' spell
Polu-full - ref. Half-full
Ppc - meant to demonstrate amazement or discontent
Preserve - ref. cans
Priv - 1. Hello (just a greeting). 2. Ghost, Necro tier 3. (also [gost])
Prize [pris, priz, prizy] - Apparition, Necro tier 3 upg. Sometimes (very rarely) also used to actually determine

some sort of prize
PSG, PSJ - BOW (by own will) ban/block
PZ - Complaints and applications forum branch

Raids [nalet, nalyot, naletchik] - Wolf raiders, Barb tier 2 upg
Rares [Rar, rary] - rare artifacts and insignia, generally items that are not displayed at the shop and cannot be acquired in hunt
RD - ref. Animate
Real - Real money donated to the game
Realist [realshik] - person who donates money to the game, often used to determine a player with diamond upgrades
Remove reply, take off the answer etc [remove otvetku, snimi otvet etc] - taking retaliation of an enemy unit (might be a request to do so)
Remove slip, take a miss [promah] - attack a stack of incorporeal creatures when they have had 2 hits (in which case, the next attack on it is a miss).
Reply, response, return - ref. Answer
Res [pec] 1. Resource. 2. (also [resni, resai]) 'Resurrect' spell (often a request to resurrect/raise a unit)
Robot - player who spends considerable time in game, specifically in combats

Sink [sliv] - intentional giveaway combat
Skin [leather, kozha, koja] - 'Stoneskin' spell
Sleep, asleep etc. [spit, zasnul] - afk, a player is either distracted or disconnected, but for some reason (probably, unintentionally) skips his turns
SM - ref. CM
Smert - 1. ref. Suicidals, 2. Death envoys, Death heralds, Necro tier 6
Steppe, step barbarian - ref. SV
Succ, succi, sukki, succa, sukka + {virtually any expression for female dog} - this is perhaps the toughest one, clearly means Succubi, the Demon tier 4. Due to it being homonymic to the word for female dog in Russian, there might be a lot of baseless resentment. But on the other hand, they might actually be using the word to insult. It really depends on the situation and on the person to use it
Suicidals [smertnik] - EFK, Elf tier 2 upg
SV [SB, CB, NE] - Tribal faction or character

Taburet [tumbochka, nightstand, stool etc.] - Any gargoyle, Wizard tier 2
TE, te - Dark elf faction or character
TNV - Survival tournament
- Blindfold tournament
TU - Stunning blow (barbarian special ability)
[Tyrk, kodotyrk, tyrkat etc] - enter the enrollment code at facilities; often used to emphasize that this process makes up most of a character's game activity.

Udacha - luck
Umelka, Umka - faction skill (level)
Ushan, ushi - ref. LE

Varvar - Barbarian faction or character. May also refer to Tribal
VIP - often means Queries and Help forum branch

Zadrot - camper, person who is very thorough in developping his/her character, often spending a long time on any given combat level pumping fsp and guilds etc.
Zakl - 1. Spell. 2. ref. ZV
Zasnul - ref. sleep
ZV [zakl, klyaty, implacable, krit, crit, SG] - favoured enemy (ability itself or creature selected as one)

[Kara] =Chastise.
sps, spasibo - thanks, thank you
privet - hello
Rog - short of 'edinorog' - unicorn
Brog or uprog - short of 'boevoi edinorog' - brilliant unicorn
LE = SE - means the same faction, Elf
Uskor - short of 'uskorenie' - rapid spell
bistree - play fast
Be3 anoB - no upgrades
ymka, ymelka, ymela - FSP(ymka 0-5 - FSP 0-5, etc)
Be3 7-x - no 7th level creatures(Be3 5-x - no 5th level creatures, etc)
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