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search function in transfer log

Authorsearch function in transfer log
I would love a way to search through my transfer log.

For example, I was just trying to figure out how much I bought an item for and I had to search through about 7 pages before I found it...
ctrl + F
Good idea.

or give us the option to display all pages. ctrl + F works only for each page.
what does ctrl + f suppose to do? It doesn't work for me... maybe because I use a mac?
i think mac its the apple icon + F?
what does ctrl + f suppose to do?

brings up a Search Bar that searches the page for the text entered. Its very useful.
Yeah, thanks, it is apple + F
That is pretty helpful, but, yes, still be better to have a full transfer log search
Yes, because I think a lot of players purposely flood their transfer logs to hide their cheating. They transfer 100k gold once, then they buy 1 wood from the market 50 times.

Maybe an option to list more lines for each transfer log page?
list more lines for each transfer log page?

seems like it might increase server load (takes longer to load 1000 transfers in 5*200 per page than 20*50 per page)

I suggested a similar topic, though it was about combat logs.
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