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i dont get how to give an inivtation or reference link.can some1 telll me what to do?
There's an invitation program link on the right part of character screen
Yours is
so do i just send any1 in any other game or in facebook the site and the admins will know i got them here?
yes, the system will get out the rewards automatically.
you need to send the link you get and it will give you your prizes automaticly
The invitation program doesn't just hand prizes out. It hands them out as refered people level up.

You get 500 gold everytime a player who has followed your reference link achieves combat level 2, and, further on, you get 30% gold of all his or her bonuses and rewards.

So as an example if someone gets 15000 gold for leveling up. They still get the 15000 but you also get 4500.
ok thx all
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