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help i need someone for my faction idea

Authorhelp i need someone for my faction idea
is there someone i can talk to about my faction idea, or do they review the factions automatically?
you can post it in "creative work" subsection. but you'll do it only for the fun of creating and sharing an idea - i think there is absolutely no chance that your faction will be integrated in the game - doesn't matter how good or not-so-good it may be.
well if thats true, then how would they consider the dwarf faction that was in that section?
Because there is a dwarf faction in the Heroes of Might and Magic heroes V game.
the dwarf faction was already planned. And since the game is based on HoMM5 (Heroes of Might and Magic V) in Tribes of the East, theres Dwarf Faction.

Thats why Dwarf will be, and yours not
maybe mine wont be, but maybe mine will be, the planned additions say dwarfs, stepp barbarians, and more.

true my work is not 100% based off heroes of might and magic, in fact, not at all as far as i can see.

but when heroes of might and magic kingdoms comes out, this sight is going to need something not based on heroes of might and magic if it wants to stay open

especially since almost everyone here is a homm fan, the game will be web browser based, and the game will be free
please don't missunderstand me: i did not want to discourage you. share your ideas and if they are good - who knows what will happen...

the own ideas are always the best - i know, i have some of'em too - so please consider this: probably the makers of the game also have own ideas they might like to see in this game. except they are absolutely out of any own thought they won't realise your work. Sorry to desillusion you but this LoWM isn't made by the gamers (afaik). it's a slightly changed copy of a well known game.

But i would like to see your faction. i'm always interessted in such creative work. Please post it! But don't be sad if it's not implemented in the game. make it just for the fun of it! and as i said - if it's realyrealy good - who knows...
well i've had experience making things before, if you want to see it, it is in the creative works.(elemental faction by zhohonas-author zhohonas)
in addition, you said "Sorry to desillusion you but this LoWM isn't made by the gamers (afaik). it's a slightly changed copy of a well known game."

but even on the front page, it is stated

"LordsWM is an non- commercial project, it is a free online service from gamers, for gamers. Every player is able to improve this free online game."

so that is why i think that they will consider my faction, even if they dont like my ideas, at least they gave it a shot.

and who knows, maybe they will make it a new faction, i dont know.

however, even if they do make it a new faction, i dont expect it to be exactly how i posted it, it would be cool if it was exact, but i do expect there to be changes to my faction, (im not perfect and i dont know the system that they used to make this game)
I agree with armyofdarkness who posted in your thread.... WAY OVERPOWERED.

Ok, their 1 defences conpensates the high damage, but whats with all these abilities???? Do you see any current creature with 3 or 4+ abilities? Most of them have no more than 2. And each of yours have 5+. Incorporeal for 4+ creatures??? Ghosts can retire, your tier 3 would kick their butt. Mage with so much def and hp? Check out what mages are supposed to be. *cough**hint* high damage low hp.

Racial Ability? Recruit count? Racial Origin? Magic Schools? Innate stats? And a lot more are mission. Your thread is pretty messy and hard to read. Maybe make a new try.

Not to disapoint you but there are hundreds of them way better than yours, and LWM would be in chaose if there are 20+ factions to choose from. I don't think admins have any intension to go through CW to find any ideas, they made it so we could have fun there.
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