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Can it possible to play as mage on 5+ lvl with LG(Laborer's guild)= only 2?
It is possible but highly discouraged. Being only LG 2, you would not have money and will not be able to buy the upgrades needed/wanted for your troops.
It will be difficult as you will be required not only to fianance minimum Ap, but you also have to save money for mini arts so try to get your labors to 3 or 4 by lvl 5
for eviltitan:
If i have Laborers' guild 4 on 4 lvl, i'll be blocked by bot or no?
You wont be blocked for a low labors guild, you can have whatever labors guild you want the higher it is the better for you. The only reason you would be blocked would be if you broke a game rule.
Admins DONT block people depending on their laborers guild
Where do all these weird rumours come from ?

Proof is here
A level 1 dude with laborers guild 5
for eviltitan:
On .ru server admins block people with laborers guild over 4 on 1-4 lvl
yes but this is .com server and as you can see from Sven91's example it is ok
Hunters' guild: 0 (7.00) +9.0
Laborers' guild: 0 (7) +83
Is this normal for 2 lvl?
No, its very low :P

But like we told you before, you wont get blocked if your guild is too high or too low
for Sven91:
One more question.
Did i need to change faction, between later i'll be very, very weak, and nag about my weakness?
All factions are balanced if you raise your faction level with the wizard and get a decent labors guild and hunters guild level you will be a strong wizard.
for eviltitan:
Can i have a chance to earn 500,000 for miniarts until reach lvl 8?
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