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About racial/xp

AuthorAbout racial/xp
----------------exp-----racial--racial / exp
duel win--------1.0-----1.3-----1.3
duel lose-------0.3-----0.7-----2.33
everyone 4th----0.3-----0.5-----1.67
everyone 3rd----0.4-----0.8-----2
everyone 2nd----0.5-----1.2-----2.4
everyone 1st----1.0-----1.5-----1.5
AI win----------0.2-----0.5-----2.5
AI lose---------0.06----???-----???

-Does the AI win reflect low level hunts only? I'm getting too much racial/xp from my hunts?
-Does anyone know the racial/xp for group battles?
its just ironic that losing a duel gets better fsp/xp ratio than winning...
Yeah.. Its to prevent the stronger to get even stronger and the weaker to get even weaker. Seems like losing loads of duels is the easiest way to make someone strong.
1.group battles and duels have the same exp/sp ratio
2.AI win/ AI lose rules have been changed with the last update
3.People dont be so obsessed with racial skill at lower levels, it is only one part of many factors. I have started thieving at combat level 8 with dark elf racial 2..
Thanks, but it might be not so important for a DE but for wizards sure it is.
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