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Suppose this is it...

AuthorSuppose this is it...
Suppose that the game were to have no tournaments or special events. What would I do to make it more sustainable, as a set of 'final changes'?

1. Stake Battles.
Very simple concept. When you create a duel or battle, you can put a stake on it. Winner gets the stake, or the winning side splits the stake. If you go AFK, well, there goes your stake. Quite possibly to be combined with AP Maximums.

2. Hunt Cluster.
I think most people's lives are not built around uniterruptable excitement for 10 minutes followed by 50 minutes of boredom. The game's timing is troublesome. Never seen that sort of timing anywhere before.

When you finish a hunt, if you have had 2 or fewer hunts in the last 6 hours, or just the one hunt in the last 3 hours (including the hunt you just finished), you would immediately have another hunt creature show up. You wouldn't get as many hunts as you would if you logged in once an hour, but you could stay on for an hour at lunch and do three hunts, and then do it again after dinner. Especially if you used healing potions and mana tubes.

I think those are the big ones. The first to encourage battles, the second to encourage people to do more than log in for a few minutes every few days.

The disadvantage is that it makes the 'side stuff' more interesting. When we fought the dragons, for example, one of the major reasons why so many people did it was because you could fight, heal, and fight again, every 15 or 30 minutes. People were hanging around who otherwise would have gotten bored and left. But if you could make more money on a 3x3 battle, or if you could do several hunts in a row, that would have competed with the dragon battles.

If we did this, I think we'd gain quite a few people. It would certainly encourage me to stick around longer when I sign on!
Agree with 2nd idea. First idea I like but may be too hard to implement into the game without causing other problems.

I like the 2nd idea because I started doing merc quests early and gotten into thieving because it takes too long for the next hunt. Funny you mentioned healing potions. I know we don't have that item, but that item should be created too.
healing potions are a bad idea imagine all the battles i could do in a day with those
Good idea. Just imagine all the wizards not using mana potions right now.

Let's see how many healing potions you can afford with only 4,368 gold.
hp potions are a bad idea
A "ladder" system would be great with anonymous matchmaking system, something that will allow players to find opponents without too much hassle. You would specify what battle you want (Solo, Random Team (2v2 or 3v3), Arranged Team (2v2 or 3v3), or Free for All) and the system would match you with players(of the same level, of course) who are also looking for same game type.
i don't like both sugestions :D
A Stake Battle while fine in theory has all sorts of implications.

We already experience players that offer gold reward to lose a battle. What happens in a 3 v 3 where one player deliberately loses. What of the consequences when one player has an internet dropout and their team loses on issues beyond their control. The dropout issue already affects card games. Perhaps use that as a test case.

While I agree the timing is an issue at low levels (at higher levels you have hunts, merc quests and thief quests + with larger armies battles last longer), I am unsure of a solution. Perhaps in addition to a wild hunt, you have "pay as you go" safaris. These safaris could be held at The Ridge of Hope.

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