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Army of necromancer

AuthorArmy of necromancer
What is the size
Is It the army of necromancer {0} or {x} ? Well i can't really tell you the real size but you should be able to beat it in a few trys. Btw their skeletons revive w/ each time you try
Check :


But be careful,the number of skeletons increases each attempt depending on size of your army.
tryed it at lvl 5 you get 120 skel 5 liches 20 aprintes(upgrade of goast)
and 10 vamp ilost it:(
sorry 2 stakes of 5 liches
Try to weaken the vampires first, then try to kill some skelies bowmen .. at the 2nd attempt, eliminate the skelies, then weaken some ghosts or apparitions .. 3rd attempt, the rest .. :) Set fav enemies to vampires and Count Draculas .. :)
Set fav enemies to vampires and Count Draculas .. :)
No need. MQ monsters are considerede neutral.
sorry nevermind, remembered wrong. But change the favourite enemy after every attempt. And don't try to kill apps first.
because of apps i lost this left with 10 apps vs 4 druids they drained rimeining mana and i couldent kill them T-T
Always weaken or even if u can kill (slay) the shooters first .. except against DE with just poisoners and bandits, they are weak in range .. :)

But when the DE brings more than 10 Dark Witches, try to weaken them in the first turn .. :) (sorry)
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