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strange fight

Authorstrange fight
7 m. 2 vs 2
#362 vs #362 9-9 vs 8-8 Optional 60 10 AP max,thanks Germanius741852[9], MassMacros[9] vs Eragon19R[8]

What is it?
It is a clan battle 2 lvl 9's from clan 362 agaisnt 2 level 8 from anywhere. Only 1 level 8 joined though.
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7 minutes remaining before start/canceled, 2 agains 2, clan #362 agains clan #362 only, level 9s vs level 8s, optional fight, 60 seconds per turn, 10 Ammunition Points max.
Dishonest fight ... Reception of easy experience
Dishonest as it may be it is perfectly legal.
Such clan means
lower levels tend to get relatively higher exp anyways
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