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Revloutionary Idea


AuthorRevloutionary Idea
Revolutionary Failure.

Fantasy FTW
you can have guns and elven lord um no am not interested in modern day weps they suck to me am a history type and imaging say one of your troops with a musket rifle right he has the range shot of 8 or 7 or somet better than 6 he does more damage and it would probly look good when the pellet hits the hostile unit you know effects like picture it btw cutlesses and rapiers are swords a rapier is a swift fast but kinda low damage one so you could think a double hit cutless is a strong yet slow sword
Solution for this idea is - to make additional graphic pack with different creatures looks, and only looks - not any stat changes.

if you want - you can ask admins if they will invent it in game, if you will create additional graphical pack. but remember you will have to make all creatures yourself, so they just upload your files in data base - cos admins do not have time for such nonsense.. ;)

P.S. If you do not know how to do it, you can hire some specialist to do it for you. ;)

If you will do it i will say it is good idea.
Am 14 i duno how to make stuff and i know no such specialist all i can do is sorta draw the pictures .... i like this idea id do anything but i dont know how to do it but next year am taking graphics developement and am going to be able to do my self maybe admins can get the pictures id love to do it tho but i need help
Bad idea... try to imagine crossbowman with sniper, or elven bowman with machine gun...
This is a bad idea.
[Post deleted by moderator Zyanya // Don't be insulting towards others.]
[Player banned by moderator Zyanya until 2009-04-28 04:54:43 // Insults - warning.]

1) chill out. No need to insult others, it will only get you banned.

2) your posts are very difficoult to read, please use punctuation.
I think this game is a fantasy based game, and has characters that you would find in your average fantasy book. That genre of books almost exclusively has mid-evil weapons, which are bows, crossbows, swords, axes, spears, and so on, but NOT anything with gun powder. Gun powder (Black Powder) is not in the fantasy genre, or if it is, its not in guns, though maybe it is used for explosives occasionally. Maybe we could implement guns, but code should be added that guns are inaccurate. Before Rifling was invented (and this took a while) you were lucky to hit someone 30ft away.

IF you were to implement this "Revolutionary Failure" (as hiddenshadow so aptly put it) then you would have to make almost a whole new class of ranged type units. These can't act the same way as bows and crossbows. Guns are an entirely different from bows. Guns are Easier to aim, harder to load, less accurate, and do about the same damage, though that depends a bit on where you hit and what armor the recipient of the projectile (from a bow or gun) is wearing.

Overall, I think it is a bad idea. It sounds like someone got carried away in their head and started thinking about guns. If, of course, you did it properly and no one abused guns, then I'm sure it would work out alright...But I guarantee that most people would abuse guns.

cutlasses and rapiers are swords.

I believe, though I'm not certain, that cutlasses are used primarily by pirates (in moves).

Rapiers are small swords, generally used for quick movements and avoiding direct engagement of an enemy. They light compared to most swords, and I believe are similar to the cutlass, however they are deffinitely smaller.
Dear god, is this how i used to type?

Sorry everyone who had to read this xD
2 years later all new and older *Sigh*

Right first things first, the idea to me was good at the time.
Reasons being I'm just like that with history it was a suggestion, people are entitled to suggestions, no need to put a downer on it :)

Im currently at college studying Graphics design/development when i finish this course i may consider creating these idea's for the creators to put in, 'maybe'.

Okay, that's out of the way, i can't remember what i said to whom ever but i'm sorry.
It was uncalled for.

The idea was, Farmers/Recruits could be upgraded to something different, maybe only bought by diamonds i'm not sure, Militiamen armed with a musket no melee bonus.

Mess around with it a bit, don't go too far.

Remember now it's a suggestion. ;)
Revolutionary Failure.

But we do get such wepons on April Fool's day

X Bows have tommy guns, elven bow get missiles,etc
In .ru there are some neutral units called snipers .. they are the real snipers ... :)
link ?
Muskets, schmuskets. Gremlins already have hand cannons. Hell, some wiz units even have lasers! Doesn't get more futuristic than that. Also, old thread is old...
i like this kind of mythological game so will stick with mythology and fiction rather than guns
Revolutionary Fail :D
In .ru there are some neutral units called snipers .. they are the real snipers ... :)
link ?


it was attacked players at April 1,2007 in .RU
cant see his link..lol
Revolutionary Failure.
-1 as a playable faction, but if the creatures are from here
then it could be a fun event.
Thinking along the lines of the demon portal event,
this event could be the time portal event, occurring around the time of leap year day February 29, say Feb 28, so it can happen every year. This is when troops from the future, ala Warhammer 40k, in their insatiable bloodlust, attack the realm of HOMM.
Admin have created numerous unplayable troops, even an unplayable faction for Halloween event, so making an unplayable Forge/Warhammer40k faction would not be a stretch. They come via time portal, and if you don't like them, then guess what? You get to kill them! If you REALLY hate them, then just skip the one-day-a-year event. Of course, it is unlikely that ANY new events happen any time soon on .com.
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