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Revloutionary Idea


AuthorRevloutionary Idea
am going to share my idea with you,
Lord of war and money a new age Units may be upgraded to use Guns say like muskets with baynet or something differant looks with heroes and units like New world type of dressing , Please considering sharing my idea with the creators of this game as i know you can :) i know this will work it has to its a good idea. Btw think like elven Musketeers Or Town watch(knight) Undead Highlanders (necro) such and such Best regards Richard
well, this game is based on the time of magic. which was a really long time ago... or way in the future.

either way, i don't think guns were around back then though Xbows kinda look like they have guns :p
i don't realy like the idea... i wanna play a "traditional" fantastic army. but i would like the idea of an own faction using steamengines and gunpowder...
@ Zarebrant: Dwarfs? :P
@Ivo999: no, i like my dwarves axewielding... =)

i imagined a human faction... and i would name them something like technocrats...

dwarves as they (hopefuly soon) will be in this game are fine.

but back to the original post: i don't wanna upgrade units to a higher tech-lvl. The flair and style of the game would be broken for me...
It's not such a bad idea actually. We already have flying stone gargoyles, treemen, fighting monks, why not gun powder?

Guns would certainly mimic Mage's Through Shot ability.
And what is the weird thing that gremlins are shooting with?
I think little cannons.
LOL we cannot wait till admins will make a new event or anything in game, so I believe that muscats will be in the game around next in century...
Maybe Sprites equipped by machine gun?
@ Omega22: Gremlins shoot with magical fireball-cannons (shooting little fireballs)
what about tanks and howitzers...
@ ramscape stupid idea
too be honest i just want all factions to have a unit that may use a gun or be upgraded like i said the elven bowmen have a choice to upgrade to grandmaster or elven musketeers skelitons change toeither bowmen or undead highlanders knight bowmen change to crossbowmen or town watch or guard demon may use flame cannons if wanted dark elf poisener may upgrade to gentlemen who will have a look with well u know that stuff new world stuff uses a flintlock and poisens barbairian may use cannon an all or orc chief upgrade to a duel flintlocks fires a double shot this is really fasinating to me and i believe it would be perfect for this game and sprites could be equpieed with maybe a rapier if u dont know what that is type it in images... ok ive shared most more information if you wish to contact me (admins only) contact me bye my email which you will know thank you very much.
NO TANKS just go through ages next come The empire howitzers yes maybe tanks no way. thats jsut takeing the micky
Hmm, this idea could give rise to shrews with dual beretta :)
Abilities: Shoot(point-blank)and run, double-shot/strike, no melee penalty, -1 morale + 1 speed against Town Watchers (from post 1)
they could have duel Cutlesses or rapiers or Flintlocks just not modern day guns that goes too far sorry...
sorry but in my opinion it totally destroys the idea of the game. what is wrong with fighting a traditional army with magic and stuff like that. in my opinion if they introduce guns and stuff like that it will be silly the game will turn into violence and about blowing each other up. first youll want little flintlocks and muskets but eventually youll want more. some day u will decide oh why we give swordsmen automatic rifles and have griffin mounted mini-guns!! just because it looks cool. one day you will want the spell ICBM and others like it. as you can see what im describing just ruins the game. Besides especially experienced players should know "i wants dont get" when have the admins ever changed or introduced new factions. i think it is unlikely this will happen and in my personal opinion i dont want it to happen. all my time spent hunting wild beasts with axes and bows and now you are suggesting i should just get out my uzi and run trigger happy through the forest =0
Revolutionary Failure.
they could have duel Cutlesses or rapiers or Flintlocks just not modern day guns that goes too far sorry...

cutlesses and rapiers are swords not guns right?
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