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Option for Hunt Assist Payment

AuthorOption for Hunt Assist Payment
I'm all for it.
That is a brilliant idea.
This will reduce arguments between players.

And we can choose who assist us.
+100 :D
I kinda disagree with it, mainly because of the if they request half then jus go AFK part, that's a lose lose situation, if you win you lose half your gold, if not you lose your hunt, plus theres all that waiting time for them to time out.

another reason is if you dont want to pay half, but the combat starts before you get chance to refuse a person who says they want half.

I'd like to hear arguments for and against why an afk player should get gold or not. But I do admit I lean to players not getting gold if they go AFK.

As to your second concern in addition to the 5 minutes you get when you require hunt assistance, you also get an extra 30 seconds if someone applies late and requests payment which should be enough time for a hunter to decide to go it alone or accept the 50% gold loss.


I like your idea Ravensclaw, but the implementation will be challenging due to the AFK clause. How will the game system determine afk? By waiting time? If so, what if the player was having a slow connection, or took a long time to think of the next move, which caused him/her to lose 1 or 2 turns? What if the player moves only once every 4 turns?

From a strictly game-based perspective, it's simply "player waits, creature waits..." though the intention of the player is understood. Unfortunately, its logically impossible to program game code to understand player intentions.

In the course of typing this post, I did thought of an idea to counter the above-mentioned problem, in the form of an added "cancel reward" option during game progress, whereby the player can cancel the reward if the assistant does not vote against the option within a certain timeframe, but this system is no foolproof, subject to assistant abuse who make the hunters wait for *ahem* 50min, in the form of every 4th turn move, which means that they're in fact not afk.

Lastly, when you get assistants who do not contribute effectively to your hunt, or even worse sabotaging, you'll be in a much reluctant mood to give the gold.

Hope to hear of some ideas to facilitate the probable implementation of this idea :)
its not a few minets job making it it takes days and even weeks and admins have no time for it
There are other ways than AFK in which an assistant can misbehave and I doubt that all of them can be covered by the system, so in my eyes it would be unwise to decide to pay before the battle is over.
The thing I'd like to have is a dialog that allows me to share right after the combat is done or even a transfer button on the character page, but that's a matter of comfort and has no priority.
great idea.. :D
A very good idea!
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