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Some problem thieving at lv 7 !

AuthorSome problem thieving at lv 7 !
This is the question.
I can t thief anymore at lv 7 with caravans.
They become just impossible .
I run demons, high faction skill, thiev guild already at 2 , close to buy my mighty sword.
But obviously even beeing ff arts how can a player defeat 4 devils?
They gated 2 devils and started teleporting killing 1 unit x turn. Before I found dark elves.
30 shrews in 2 unit, 2x 13 rogues, 10 hydras -_-
I ve lost 4 units before to start playing.
And demons ARE 1 of the best faction for thieving!

Running ff arts will just become impossible for money making (u burn 6-700 and more every game gaining 80 gp and 350 laboring) , and without thieving making exp will become extremely long.

If u have any suggestion . Imo there s something wrong, but I may be wrong on something.

A little more thing. 6k xp before I was lv 6 and I was proceeding at a rythm of 10 tg x day.
Just for be clearer:
The 2 caravans i reported were 2 of the many i ve seen. And I m having not this big problems with players
suggestion? lose some more. each time you win they get harder and vice versa. maybe look for more players.

oh yeah, and DE is probalbly best for theiving ;p

considering you are already level 2 i think it may be better to give TG alittle break
Misself you are wrong.
Thief is not hunt. They won t be easier loosing.
The thief system is just different. The level will be the same
And no again, at lv 7 de is not the best for thieving, it will become after u gain shrews
Or if I m wrong about de at lv 7 tell me
Misself you are wrong.

No arrogance in this, don t take it wrongly :) I m gratefull for any help :D
sorry for multiple messages they r only meant for don t make this thread old :D
Each time you win from a caravan that type of caravan becomes 7% stronger
And each time you lose from a caravan than that type of caravan will become 5% weaker

But only that type, so if you lose from the knights caravan with cavalry, it has no effect on the other knight caravans or demon / wizards etc etc caravans

so lose some more, use more arts, and pray to catch a real player They are much easier than caravans
I ll do thx :D
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