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Leasing TGI to SilberDrachen

AuthorLeasing TGI to SilberDrachen
Player Plutnik rent Thief Guild Invitation (TGI) out to Player SilberDrachen on following terms:
- TGI should be returned in 2 weeks;
- after reaching TG 1 SilberDrachen gives first thief art to Plutnik, after reaching TG 2 SilberDrachen gives second thief art to Plutnik.
- after 2 weeks SilberDrachen has to pay 2000 gold per day to Plutnik, until TGI is returned. Partial days count as whole days.
Any transfer of received TGI is forbidden. TGI must be returned in one month, otherwise SilberDrachen has to pay Plutnik a 500,000 gold penalty or accepts to be blocked.
During TGI rent selling or exchanging thief arts is forbidden too, penalty for it 50,000 gold (paid to Plutnik)
I accept the terms
04-27-09 06:57: Transferred 1 Gold to SilberDrachen : TGI rent
04-27-09 06:57: Transferred item(s): 'Thief invitation' [1/1] to SilberDrachen
closed by Plutnik (2009-04-27 11:00:12)
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