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Local Rules12.01, 12:001#4201Arctic12.01, 12:00, by Arctic
[Lease][Plunderer Set][2880/batlle]01.15, 12:521#7490Mitashjj01.15, 12:52, by #7490Mitashjj
[lease][inventory space]06.05, 03:072Angel of Death06.05, 03:10, by Angel of Death
Inventory space04.29, 02:531#7490XxpopstarjackxX04.29, 02:53, by #7490XxpopstarjackxX
[Lease] Servant of Darkness enchanted set [8000/battle]01.30, 04:1917#9595Hapkoman02.23, 13:35, by #9595Hapkoman
[LEASE] [Various Hunter Sets]02.13, 10:264#9595Niranjan02.21, 06:32, by #9595Niranjan
[Rent][Various Set Artifacts][15+ combats]01.27, 23:141-Cip-01.27, 23:14, by -Cip-
[Lease][Light adventurer set][950g/battle]12.29, 18:571#9595Arekino12.29, 18:57, by #9595Arekino
[lease][various arts]11.29, 14:382#7490latviesu lords11.29, 15:56, by #7490latviesu lords
[lease] vatious Artifacts10.24, 21:071#7490WAR10CK10.24, 21:07, by #7490WAR10CK
[Rent][Various Donation Artifacts and MH Set]10.18, 15:321Void_Moon10.18, 15:32, by Void_Moon
[Lease][Part "Dungeon" set and others items][1470/combat]08.19, 19:3556#9595beatacka10.16, 01:01, by #9595Hapkoman
[RENT] Artifact for quick tournament10.13, 19:221ShadyClaw10.13, 19:22, by ShadyClaw
[Lease][Smoldering hammer][300/battle]09.06, 23:481#7490WAR10CK09.06, 23:48, by #7490WAR10CK
Leasing: Pirate boots @ 310 gold per battle.09.06, 20:281#7490WAR10CK09.06, 20:28, by #7490WAR10CK
[Lease][Peacewalker sword][290 gold/combat]07.14, 20:321Efsilon07.14, 20:32, by Efsilon
[Rent] Artifact for today quick tournament07.04, 07:571Lord_Satan07.04, 07:57, by Lord_Satan
[Lease][Thief Amulet][200 gold/combat]06.28, 13:321Efsilon06.28, 13:32, by Efsilon
Need to Lease Flute Satire06.06, 17:222Marco Reus06.06, 17:37, by #9595merlin36
I want to rent an item06.05, 10:442Fortuner06.05, 18:34, by #7490Dark-Ninja_lord
[Rent][Any full set] [15+ combats]05.05, 22:521-Cip-05.05, 22:52, by -Cip-
[Lease] Full hunter set04.28, 07:241Eol04.28, 07:24, by Eol
[Lease][BB set][2500/battle]04.11, 13:242Bunnie04.11, 21:06, by Bunnie
[Lease][ Robber's Set + Order of Griffin ][6000/battle]04.09, 20:173Lord-Milad04.11, 18:52, by Lord-Milad
[Lease][Sword of Cold][340/battle]02.16, 17:471Santremus02.16, 17:47, by Santremus
[Lease][Sword of Cold][340/battle]12.07, 10:514Bunnie12.12, 21:51, by Bunnie
[Lease][Jackal Warrior Shield][250/battle]11.27, 20:471Bunnie11.27, 20:47, by Bunnie
[Lease][simple pirate set][4000/combat]11.26, 23:431#10649Эшкерэ11.26, 23:43, by #10649Эшкерэ
[Lease][Mirror of Change][400g/battle]11.03, 08:237Santremus11.09, 19:06, by Santremus
[Lease][Beastbane set][2500g/battle]11.02, 12:321yick11.02, 12:32, by yick

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