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[Lease] Full hunter set

Author[Lease] Full hunter set
Full hunter set available at 140 gold per use.
Price is negotiable.
Full hunter set
-hunter broadsword x1 +1 attack, -1% initiative
-hunter gloves x2 +1 defence
-hunter hat x1 +1 initiative
-hunter shirt x1 +1 initiative
-hunter boots x1 +1 initiative
-hunter pendant x1 +1 initiative
-hunter bow x1 +5% range damage
-hunter shield x1 +2 defence
Full set bonus:
1. Troop min and max damage +1
2. Initiative +3%
3. 20% more damage to neutrals
I will recommend it to use to for hunting.
Player banned by moderator Lord STB until 2020-04-28 23:00:42 // LR2 Trade / Please use proper brackets in the header.
closed by Eol (2020-04-30 02:36:39)
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