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[Lease][Infernal enchanted set,Dwarf warrior set ]06.21, 09:432XxBlooDxX06.22, 19:31, by XxBlooDxX
[Lease][Thief dagger][E7A7F8][500/combat]06.21, 14:291Empress Ansi06.21, 14:29, by Empress Ansi
[Lease][17 Enchanted sets]05.11, 07:3799#15Noldor06.20, 00:58, by Edwin
[Lease] [Thief set] [2000 gold]06.19, 03:092#7490iwinulose06.19, 04:06, by #7490iwinulose
[Lease][Shop Arts lvl 2-9]06.17, 17:195I_N_S_A_N_E06.18, 05:32, by I_N_S_A_N_E
[Lease][Mithril Longsword][I10E10A10W10F10][900-100 gold/combat]05.13, 17:1753#4201Magier06.18, 04:46, by Edwin
[Lease][Heavily Enchanted Weapons, Jewels and Armors][280-1100]06.12, 13:191Erekose06.12, 13:19, by Erekose
[Lease] [Hunter Set] [195-200 per battle]06.08, 18:333abh3306.09, 22:45, by abh33
[Lease] [Enchanted jeweleries]05.23, 12:3113#7705Warlock naviron06.07, 19:06, by #7705Warlock naviron
[Lease] [level 8 and 9 min ap ][105 gold/battle and 120 gold/battle]05.24, 10:5929#1209barbmaster05.31, 15:48, by #1209barbmaster
[Lease][Light mithril cuirass][A3F2][160 Gold/Combat]05.25, 11:164Lord Xander66605.28, 05:58, by Lord Xander666
[ Lease ][ Master Hunter Set ][ 920 gold/battle ]05.26, 23:593riverwarrior05.27, 23:19, by Lord Xander666
[Lease] [Shop Arts Lvl3-4] [20-120gold] [1day]05.15, 15:2818kushagra505.27, 07:03, by kushagra5
[Lease] [Hunter Set] [180-200 per battle]05.21, 09:1116kushagra505.27, 07:02, by kushagra5
I need [leather boots] [1 battel]05.26, 09:023cool-105.26, 11:23, by Wertz
[Lease] [level 8 and 9 min ap ][120gold/battle]05.23, 19:012#1209barbmaster05.24, 10:35, by #1209barbmaster
[Lease] {Shop Arts Lvl3-4}05.15, 13:589kushagra505.15, 14:21, by ElfPride
[Lease][Silver partisan][250g/combat]05.05, 21:051Garudorm05.05, 21:05, by Garudorm
[Lease][Heavily Enchanted Weapons, Jewels and Armors][280-1100]04.10, 23:3821Erekose05.05, 13:23, by Erekose
[Lease] [Enchanted Wizard Jeweleries][400g/battle]04.18, 16:2012#7705Warlock naviron05.05, 12:36, by #7705Warlock naviron
[Rent][shop artifacts][CL 13] [20 - 25% lower than artifact shop]05.02, 15:012#4201virtual_vitrea05.04, 07:47, by ElfPride
[Lease][Gh set][1600/battle]04.22, 17:0916#7490iwinulose05.03, 15:11, by #7490iwinulose
[Lease][Blade of rebirth][I10E10W10A10F10][990-890 per combat]04.29, 07:292#7279DreamStrike04.30, 00:07, by #7279DreamStrike
[Lease][Shop weapons CL12-17][I10E10A10W10F10][899-999 gold/combat]04.23, 23:174#7705Elrond04.27, 09:56, by #7705Elrond
[Lease][Different Arts]04.15, 17:4212#7490iwinulose04.18, 12:55, by #7490iwinulose
[Lease][Shop Arts lvl 4-12]02.10, 11:22119Lord vishnus04.14, 14:51, by 4themassive
[Lease][Enchanted Barbarian warrior set][7575/Battle]04.10, 13:595--MIHALYTCH--04.12, 13:18, by --MIHALYTCH--
[Lease][Dwarf warrior set][7000/Battle]04.11, 11:201__JIyHTuK__04.11, 11:20, by __JIyHTuK__
[Lease][Level 9-10 gift artifacts]02.26, 09:2556Dragon Eater04.11, 01:39, by #4201_Sworks_
[rent] fire/air enchant magic items04.10, 22:2514themassive04.10, 22:25, by 4themassive

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