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[Lease] Shop Arts 3-7 (Wizard)08.29, 21:232-Nami08.29, 21:37, by Wertz
[Lease][Thief set][418%][4000 gold/combat]08.20, 01:2810ULTRA_XEROX08.28, 04:57, by ULTRA_XEROX
Amulet of Luck - Only 49 per battle08.27, 16:532Lord Wolfhound08.27, 20:34, by ElfPride
[Lease][Thief set][1800 gold/battle]07.27, 21:0631#7490iwinulose08.23, 03:21, by #4201_Sworks_
[Lease][Blade of rebirth][I10E10A10W10F10][1100/comb at]08.21, 20:231nlp201308.21, 20:23, by nlp2013
[Looking to rent] [Ranger Set]08.21, 16:552JeveragJettison08.21, 19:03, by ElfPride
[Lease] [Lvl3-7 arts, Hunter arts, Thief Arts]06.29, 08:33115kushagra508.20, 16:10, by kushagra5
[Lease][Beastbane spear][E10A10W10F10][4500/combat]08.19, 21:252#15SunnyTAR08.19, 21:26, by #15SunnyTAR
5-6level Arts leasing08.13, 16:412Vechas08.13, 17:27, by Wertz
[Lease][Ruby gladius][I8E8A8W8F8][700 gold/combat]08.04, 19:083--08.07, 14:43, by --
[Lease][Shop Arts lvl 4-12]07.15, 17:2030Lord vishnus08.07, 11:44, by Lord vishnus
[Lease][Mithril longsword][I10E10A10W10F10][900 gold/combat]07.09, 13:5925#4201Magier08.03, 23:04, by #4201_Sworks_
[Lease][Enchanted Weapons][250-800 gold/combat]06.24, 08:5868Dragon Eater08.02, 20:07, by #4201_Sworks_
[Lease][Order of Tactics][990/battle]08.01, 02:431_08.01, 02:43, by _
[Lease][Enchanted Weapons][900 gold/combat]07.29, 19:141darkelf8407.29, 19:14, by darkelf84
[Lease][Enchanted Templar set] [7000 gold/combat]07.27, 08:381KillBCE07.27, 08:38, by KillBCE
[Lease][Thief set][2000/battle]06.19, 04:0874#7490iwinulose07.26, 02:28, by #7490iwinulose
[Lease] Seth Knight sun with crafting07.25, 10:182KillBCE07.25, 11:26, by #7705Elrond
[Lease][Enchanted Weapons][900 gold/combat]07.24, 07:271darkelf8407.24, 07:27, by darkelf84
[Lease][Ruby gladius][I12E12A12W12F12][1049-1099 gold/combat]07.03, 11:1823#7705Elrond07.21, 12:59, by #7705Elrond
[Lease][Enchanted Barbarian warrior set][7575/Battle]05.26, 21:51167--MIHALYTCH--07.16, 12:25, by --MIHALYTCH--
[Lease][Wiz Armors][D12E12A12W12F12][Jewels][E1 2A12F12][2000-2500 gold/combat]07.14, 20:052#7705NemoDat07.15, 06:40, by ElfPride
[Lease] [Enchanted jeweleries]06.18, 11:4833#7705Warlock naviron07.11, 23:35, by #7705Warlock naviron
[Lease][Magic artifacts lvl 8-9]06.24, 19:5196I_N_S_A_N_E07.04, 20:15, by I_N_S_A_N_E
[Lease][Shop Arts lvl 4-12]07.03, 09:282Lord vishnus07.03, 22:03, by Lord vishnus
[Lease] [Lvl3-6Arts and Hunter Arts]06.24, 09:4640kushagra506.29, 08:28, by kushagra5
[Lease][Gh set][1600/battle]05.28, 13:1848#7490iwinulose06.24, 20:11, by #4201_Sworks_
[Lease][Shop Arts lvl 2-9]06.18, 06:0066I_N_S_A_N_E06.24, 19:40, by kushagra5
[Lease] [Lvl3-6Arts and Hunter Arts] [Various Prices]06.18, 10:0428kushagra506.24, 08:18, by ElfPride
[Lease][Infernal enchanted set,Dwarf warrior set ]06.21, 09:432#2517XxBlooDxX06.22, 19:31, by #2517XxBlooDxX

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