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[lease] [mh set] [350 gold per battle]11.03, 22:434theangrybarb11.04, 17:06, by theangrybarb
[Lease][Dagger of flame][I12E12A12W12F12][800/battle]10.28, 18:561#7490iwinulose10.28, 18:56, by #7490iwinulose
[Lease][Survilurg Sword][5x12][1500 gold/battle]10.25, 17:582Hiltrud10.26, 19:07, by Hiltrud
[Lease][Great Hunter][1.000]10.17, 19:113Angel of Death10.19, 20:27, by Angel of Death
[Lease][Various artefacts][Various Prices]10.11, 04:571Angel of Death10.11, 04:57, by Angel of Death
[Lease][Dagger of flame][320/combat]10.05, 14:441Shimmy10.05, 14:44, by Shimmy
[Lease][Ruby gladius][I10E10A10W10F10][550-580/b attle]09.26, 20:107vicky66610.02, 11:39, by vicky666
[Lease][Dagger of Flame][300/combat]09.12, 13:382#7490Lord spiral-doom09.13, 08:05, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
[Lease][Various Rare Arts][Various prices]09.12, 17:521#7705D-Rock09.12, 17:52, by #7705D-Rock
[Lease][Shop arts 10-12][80% of shop price]09.12, 15:161Gaara09.12, 15:16, by Gaara
[Lease][Shop arts 10-12][83% of shop price]08.18, 07:436Gaara08.26, 13:18, by Gaara
[Lease][Great Hunter Set][950g per battle]06.30, 10:266K5isback07.07, 13:01, by K5isback
[Lease] [Great hunter set] [1100g]07.01, 19:471men in black07.01, 19:47, by men in black
[lease] [Mage disciple set] [7500/Combat]06.20, 16:5417Edwin06.30, 17:38, by Edwin
[Lease][Sorcerer Cape][A10F10][350/combat]06.21, 10:265#7490Lord spiral-doom06.26, 09:09, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
[Lease][Pendant of Wrath][500/Combat]06.23, 14:311Reptilian06.23, 14:31, by Reptilian
[Lease] [Sword of cold] [5x12] [4 battles]06.21, 12:105Skoczek06.22, 21:35, by Skoczek
[Lease] [Sword of cold] [5x12] [event offer]06.21, 01:542Skoczek06.21, 06:10, by ElfPride
[Rent] [level 5 full shop arts] [ 5 battles ]06.20, 17:521coolahead06.20, 17:52, by coolahead
[Lease] [Sword of cold] [I12E12A12W12F12] [1300/combat]05.23, 15:4029Skoczek06.20, 00:47, by Skoczek
[Rent][Sword of Cold][No enchantments][2 battles]06.18, 19:221narutoayan06.18, 19:22, by narutoayan
[Lease}[Various Arts]05.28, 09:042#7490Lord spiral-doom05.28, 09:27, by Wertz
[Rent][Sword of cold][no enchantments][10 combats]05.26, 22:111#7490Majblomma05.26, 22:11, by #7490Majblomma
[Lease][Various enchanted artifacts]05.07, 13:361#1254Darkngs05.07, 13:36, by #1254Darkngs
[Lease][Various enchanted arts][Various prices]04.19, 16:587Xaelar04.20, 12:06, by Xaelar
[Lease][Various enchanted arts][Various prices]04.19, 18:534Angel of Death04.20, 11:28, by Angel of Death
[Lease][BB Set][2500 gold/ battle]04.19, 12:411Xaelar04.19, 12:41, by Xaelar
[Lease][Great Hunter Set][1.100/Battle]04.17, 18:155Angel of Death04.19, 07:11, by Angel of Death
[Lease][Great Hunter Set][1200/battle]04.15, 18:474Tri-Force04.18, 03:17, by randomr1
[Lease][Various Artifacts]04.07, 08:142grandemajestic04.08, 12:22, by Faustus77

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