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[lease][Mithril longsword][E10A10W10F10][599 gold/ battle]09.10, 15:346Dbest09.13, 00:30, by Dbest
[Lease][Enchanted Weapons][400-640 gold per battle]09.11, 17:214Naturef09.12, 15:58, by Naturef
[Lease][Sword of might] [E10A7W7F7][450/battle]09.03, 18:413liers09.04, 14:01, by liers
[Lease][Snake coil ring]09.03, 06:172#6311usagabro09.03, 10:19, by ElfPride
[Lease][Sword of Might][I10A10E10W10F10][500/battle]08.31, 02:253Angel of Death09.02, 16:20, by Usbeorn
[Lease][Enchanted Weapons][500-800 gold/battle]08.13, 00:217#7490iwinulose08.15, 15:31, by #7490iwinulose
[Lease][Sword of Might][I10A10E10W10F10][500/battle]07.29, 20:183Angel of Death07.31, 06:18, by Angel of Death
for the enchanted artifact Ruby gladius [E5A5W2] leasing07.31, 04:582apurv07.31, 05:59, by ElfPride
[Lease][Snake Coil Ring][60gold/combat]07.17, 19:582Usbeorn07.18, 13:34, by Usbeorn
[Lease][Shop artifacts level 3-4]06.24, 18:177Time Keeper06.29, 09:44, by Time Keeper
[Lease][Enchanted Recruiter Set][5500 Gold/Combat]06.05, 22:3010#1209Arcanide06.19, 19:55, by #1209Arcanide
mercenary and elven scout set06.17, 11:492bad-men06.17, 15:50, by #1209Arcanide
[Lease][Elven scout set][7500 gold/Combat]05.13, 07:293the_last_one05.13, 07:29, by the_last_one
[lease][ beastbane spear ] [10AP][650/combat]04.28, 13:002Rendijs78904.28, 14:41, by Wertz
[Lease] [Full 42 AP Various Artifacts Combat Set] [1999 gold/combat]04.10, 20:241sexy_girlz198904.10, 20:24, by sexy_girlz1989
[Lease][Various enchanted artifacts]04.05, 13:503#4201Magier04.07, 22:12, by #4201_Sworks_
[lease][demonic soldier set][6700-7000 gold/battle]04.06, 15:493velniukstis04.07, 19:26, by velniukstis
[Lease] [Hunter Set] [500 gold/combat]03.31, 10:441Amiamw03.31, 10:44, by Amiamw
[Lease][Various Enchanted Mage arts/lvl 7-10][400-500 gold/battle]03.30, 18:441strawbear03.30, 18:44, by strawbear
[Lease][Enchanted Weapons][750-850 gold/battle]03.18, 17:529#7490iwinulose03.27, 00:13, by #4201_Sworks_
[Lease][BB Set][2350-2850/battle]03.10, 12:0613Gaara03.25, 04:34, by #4201_Sworks_
[Rent][Lvl 9 Full AP Might Set][4 Combats]03.16, 14:392KabutoYakushi03.16, 23:06, by velniukstis
[Lease][BB Set][2500 gold/battle]02.14, 20:491Мессершмитт02.14, 20:49, by Мессершмитт
[Lease][BB Set][2900 gold/battle]01.30, 07:481Cric3z5255701.30, 07:48, by Cric3z52557
[Lease][Shop artifacts level 9-12]01.07, 19:4615Santremus01.19, 12:36, by Santremus
[Lease][Enchanted Weapons][500-750 gold/combat]11.10, 16:2068#7490iwinulose01.17, 01:35, by #7490iwinulose
[Lease][BB Set/GH Set][2900/1100 gold/battle]12.05, 07:3936Cric3z5255701.13, 13:35, by Cric3z52557
Want to rent Sword of might or Mithril longsword enchanted01.11, 21:183Naturalious01.11, 22:45, by Divit
[Lease][GH Set][1100 gold]01.05, 11:221greatmagenish01.05, 11:22, by greatmagenish
[Rent][Beastbane Spear/ BB Set] [I10E10A10W10F10][1Combat]01.02, 11:071Noxine01.02, 11:07, by Noxine

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