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[Lease][Sword of Might][I10A10E10W10F10][500/battle]

Author[Lease][Sword of Might][I10A10E10W10F10][500/battle]
Time leasing range could be negotiated, since I'm not very often online I don't really care for leasing for long time.

Just one hint, perhaps next time I visit this thread, I would boost currently price, since it's way underpriced.

So hurry up. :)
Friends, old costumers and alike would pay 550 from now on.
New costumers and alike would pay 650 + 1% tax.

Still, if you prove be a loyal client and lease 50 times in less than one month, I could include you on my special royal list.

Lease with me and you can not be wrong.
- Special treatment guaranteed, my clients are always right.
- Pay less for a high quality stuff.
- The leasing range could be negotiated.
- I cover any offer.

You can't find better proposal anywhere. It's purely logical to lease from me, but that's your decision after all, I don't want to make your mind.
closed by Angel of Death (2014-09-05 18:00:32)
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