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[Lease] BeastBane set01.26, 23:542VictorHomeLess01.27, 08:30, by ElfPride
[Lease][Sword of Cold][E8A9F8W8][450/battle]01.16, 15:448#7490Lord spiral-doom01.26, 11:24, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
[Lease][Barbarian warrior set][6500/6000]01.10, 13:081#1223432Block01.10, 13:08, by #1223432Block
[Lease][Great Hunter Set][900/battle]12.31, 14:478#7490Lord spiral-doom01.09, 08:17, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
[Lease][Sword of Might][E10A10W10F10][350/battle]12.31, 20:576Angel of Death01.08, 22:41, by Angel of Death
[Lease] [Sword of cold][1000/day]12.28, 18:015Angel of Death12.31, 04:48, by Angel of Death
[Lease] [Sword of cold][800/day]12.24, 23:072Skoczek12.26, 03:37, by Skoczek
[Lease] [Sword of cold][2000/day]12.24, 20:102Angel of Death12.26, 00:59, by Angel of Death
[Lease] [Sword of cold][10 gold/battle]12.22, 02:188Angel of Death12.24, 17:36, by Angel of Death
[Lease] [Sword of cold] [I12E12A12W12F12] [1000/day]12.20, 18:003Skoczek12.23, 00:47, by Skoczek
[Lease][Sword of cold][Free]12.21, 22:491#4201_Sworks_12.21, 22:49, by #4201_Sworks_
[Lease] [Sword of cold][10 gold/day]12.17, 14:357Angel of Death12.21, 03:58, by Angel of Death
[Lease] [Sword of cold] [I12E12A12W12F12] [7000/day][1000/hour]12.16, 23:247Skoczek12.19, 16:54, by Skoczek
[Lease] [Sword of cold][10 gold / battle]12.17, 01:002#4201virtual_vitrea12.17, 07:58, by #4201virtual_vitrea
[Lease] [Sword of cold][10 gold/day]12.17, 04:341#7279eddy_fish12.17, 04:34, by #7279eddy_fish
[Lease][Sword of cold][I10E10A10W10F10][100 gold/day]12.17, 04:321#7279eddy_fish12.17, 04:32, by #7279eddy_fish
[Lease] [Sword of cold][Free]12.17, 04:251RevolutionRebel12.17, 04:25, by RevolutionRebel
[Lease] [Sword of cold][90/battle]12.17, 00:152Angel of Death12.17, 02:29, by Angel of Death
[Lease][Sword of cold][1000 gold/day]12.16, 18:421ULTRA_XEROX12.16, 18:42, by ULTRA_XEROX
[Lease][Sword of cold][900 gold/day]12.16, 18:191darkelf8412.16, 18:19, by darkelf84
[Lease] [Sword of cold][100/battle]12.16, 16:291GoalkeeperAnsar12.16, 16:29, by GoalkeeperAnsar
[Lease][Sword of cold][I10E10A10W10F10][5000 gold/day]12.16, 10:081#7279CatTail12.16, 10:08, by #7279CatTail
[Lease] [Sword of cold] [I12E12A12W12F12] [1100/combat]10.27, 13:3453Skoczek12.14, 11:53, by Skoczek
[Lease][Various artefacts]12.12, 18:511Felicita12.12, 18:51, by Felicita
[Rent][Level 7-9 Shop Arts][10+ battles]12.04, 22:412Crazyfroggy12.05, 01:29, by Crazyfroggy
[Lease][Various artefacts][Various Prices]11.25, 03:043Angel of Death11.30, 01:01, by Angel of Death
[Lease][Lvl 5-6 Min AP Arts][Various Prices]11.28, 10:344Naycien11.28, 21:16, by Naycien
[Rent][Level 7-9 Shop Arts Full][4 battles]11.26, 17:134Crazyfroggy11.28, 20:23, by Crazyfroggy
[Lease][Light Axe and Defender Shield][50 gold/battle]11.28, 10:271Naycien11.28, 10:27, by Naycien
[Lease][Sword of Might][E10A10W10F10][350/battle]11.02, 15:429Angel of Death11.05, 15:02, by Angel of Death

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