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[Lease][Sword of Might][E10A10W10F10][320-350/Batte]04.02, 14:018Angel of Death04.08, 08:34, by Wonderla
[Lease][BB Set][3000 gold/battle]03.31, 04:025Santremus04.04, 17:04, by Angons
[Lease][Theif arts][Various prices]03.12, 06:0936Wonderla04.01, 19:06, by Wonderla
[Lease][Thief Set][1900 gold/battle]03.24, 09:008Wonderla04.01, 12:55, by Wonderla
I want to rent a thefs invitation.03.27, 14:082Aurelija03.27, 15:09, by ElfPride
[Lease][Thief set][2200 gold/ battle]03.21, 18:4914Angons03.24, 07:07, by Angons
[Lease][Mithril longsword/Steel helmet/steel boot/dragon shield][gold as follow]03.11, 05:133wizzard-sage03.13, 15:51, by wizzard-sage
[Lease][Mithril longsword/Steel helmet/steel boot/dragon shield][0/battle]03.10, 17:221wizzard-sage03.10, 17:22, by wizzard-sage
[Lease][Might lv 10-13 armor ][0/battle]03.09, 04:584Gaara03.10, 15:59, by Gaara
LEASE FOR FREE - only for IVENT Guests from the Past03.08, 21:584JT_Monroe03.08, 22:12, by MrBattleControl
[Rent] [enchanted artifacts][event][100% repair cost]03.06, 19:4624themassive03.07, 12:54, by ElfPride
[Lease][ Sword of might [I11E11A11W11F11]][900/battle]02.22, 16:401Malice02.22, 16:40, by Malice
[Lease][Snake Coil Ring][50gold/combat]09.26, 19:28142Usbeorn02.17, 11:19, by Usbeorn
[Rent][Thief Set]02.12, 03:041randomr102.12, 03:04, by randomr1
[Lease] Elves dagger [I10E10A10W10F10] 1300 battles02.02, 22:142izum02.03, 07:08, by ElfPride
[leasing][lvl nine art set][gold as follow]01.17, 13:121chikish01.17, 13:12, by chikish
[Lease][17 enchanted sets, various artifacts]12.30, 14:4020#15Noldor12.30, 16:28, by #15Noldor
[Lease][Sword of cold [E3A8W3F3][1000for85battles]12.27, 22:563Octavia12.28, 09:13, by Usbeorn
Renting TGI12.13, 21:252john192412.13, 21:45, by Wertz
[Lease][Beastbane Set][2900 gold/battle]12.01, 11:471aleenna12.01, 11:47, by aleenna
[Lease][Enchanted Arts]11.08, 17:154Naturef11.09, 18:00, by Naturef
[Lease] [Full Mage Set + Might arts Lvl 7 + Event/Quest Arts] [10.25, 16:2214K5isback11.05, 13:10, by K5isback
[Lease][Thief dagger] [E10A10W10F10][750 gold/combat]09.15, 22:3229ASTOR8411.04, 17:15, by ASTOR84
[Lease][Full Might Set for Level 7/8][760/battle]10.25, 12:1215Naturef10.31, 17:20, by Naturef
[Lease][Various Artifacts]07.30, 11:0171Usbeorn09.26, 19:25, by Usbeorn
[lease][various artifacts]09.22, 01:057Rendijs78909.25, 23:23, by Rendijs789
[Lease][Mantle of eternity] [E11A11W11F11] [590g/battle]09.21, 19:211#7490gonlador09.21, 19:21, by #7490gonlador
[lease][thief crossbow][E5W5][202 gold]09.16, 03:594sir jed knight09.16, 19:18, by sir jed knight
[Rent][Thief dagger] [E10A10W10F10][750 gold/combat]09.14, 01:064ASTOR8409.15, 22:33, by ASTOR84
[lease][Flame helmet] [D10E10A10W10F10][450 gold/battle]09.13, 00:323Dbest09.14, 08:16, by Dbest

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