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[Lease][Various Artifacts]

Author[Lease][Various Artifacts]
Sword of cold [I12E12A12W12F12] - 900/per battle
Sword of might [I12E12A12W12F12] - 650/per battle
Gladius of presage [I12E12A12W12F12] - 900/per battle

Tactician dagger [I12E12A12W12F12] - 1700\per battle
Plunderer shiv [I12E12A12W12F12] - 1700\per battle
Elves dagge [I12E12A12W12F12] - 1700/per battle

Twilight piercer [I12E12A12W12F12] - 800/per battle
Tribal arbalest [I12E12A12W12F12] - 4500/per battle

Helmet of dawn [D11E11A11W11F11] - 550/per battle
Helmet of twilight [D11E11A11W11F11] - 550/per battle
Cuirass of dawn [D11E11A11W11F11] - 550/per battle
Armour of twilight [D11E11A11W11F11] - 550/per battle
Boots of dawn [D11E11A11W11F11] - 550/per battle
Jackboots of twilight [D11E11A11W11F11] - 550/per battle

Flame shield [D12E12A12W12F12] - 650/per battle
Shield of dawn [D12E12A12W12F12] - 650/per battle

Necklace of ultimate truth [E10A10F10] - 550/per battle
Mantle of eternity [E10A10F10] - 550/per battle
Manuscript of focus [E10A10F10] - 550/per battle
Band of incessancy [E10A10F10] 2pieces. - 550 gold each combat/each ring

Please, contact me with price if you are interested .
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