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[Lease][Pirate set][3200g/combat]02.05, 15:093#17kaifonaft02.10, 10:36, by Wonderla
[Rent][Thief set(no enchant)][one or two combat]02.08, 12:001RevolutionRebel02.08, 12:00, by RevolutionRebel
[Lease][Pirate-captain set][3620g/combat]12.30, 22:338Nowar01.09, 22:55, by Nowar
[lease][temporal boots][100g/b]01.08, 10:392Knight Walker01.09, 17:47, by Knight Walker
[lease][various arts]12.25, 06:363Black Fortune12.25, 09:00, by Black Fortune
[Lease][CL 7-8 Shop Arts][Various Prices]12.17, 20:3294everurs12.20, 14:51, by Hello_lwm
[Lease][BB set][2200g/combat]09.28, 20:325velniukstis10.03, 22:27, by velniukstis
[Lease][Great Temporal arts]09.24, 21:034velniukstis09.30, 01:37, by velniukstis
[Lease][Various Arts]08.09, 13:308#7490Lord spiral-doom08.18, 05:46, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
[Lease][Weapon Shop Artifact] [5*12]07.22, 01:007Skoczek07.27, 21:28, by Skoczek
[Lease][BB set][2400g/battle]07.14, 06:431Percy-Jackson07.14, 06:43, by Percy-Jackson
[Lease][Various Artifacts]06.25, 11:261Devil_King6906.25, 11:26, by Devil_King69
[Lease][Ring of Sun][500/battle]06.14, 20:451Lady sofiouta06.14, 20:45, by Lady sofiouta
[Lease] [Various Arts]06.02, 05:031#7490Lord spiral-doom06.02, 05:03, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
[Lease][Various Artifacts]05.23, 09:402frozen-elf05.24, 09:34, by frozen-elf
[Rent] [ Barbarian warrior set] [1 combat]05.16, 21:411myshka05.16, 21:41, by myshka
[Lease][BB set][2900-3000g/battle]04.19, 14:353Cric3z5255704.19, 14:37, by Cric3z52557
[Rent] [Gladiator axe] [500/battle][2 day]04.17, 15:501#7279Erathia04.17, 15:50, by #7279Erathia
[Rent][Clover of fortune + Flame dagger]03.07, 12:022Menetekel03.07, 14:46, by Menetekel
[Lease][Various artifacts for Portal]02.13, 20:115cezarion02.15, 22:44, by cezarion
[Lease][Rings of Cold][425/battle]02.11, 11:201Fallen Atheros02.11, 11:20, by Fallen Atheros
[Lease][Various artifacts for Pot]02.09, 17:171Bheem02.09, 17:17, by Bheem
[Rent][Beastbane Set]02.06, 07:471#7705soccer_1002.06, 07:47, by #7705soccer_10
[Rent][Beastbane Set][1 battle]01.26, 09:072techy01.26, 23:09, by techy
[Lease][Ring of Cold][450 gold/combat]01.25, 20:381#4201virtual_vitrea01.25, 20:38, by #4201virtual_vitrea
[Lease][Ring of Cold][480gold/combat]01.20, 17:541vicky66601.20, 17:54, by vicky666
[Lease][Ring of Cold][500/battle]01.11, 22:442Lady sofiouta01.14, 15:57, by Slust
[Lease][Thief Set][3000/battle]01.12, 15:462SilentWraith01.12, 15:47, by SilentWraith
[Rent][Ring of Cold][5 battles]12.26, 13:582#4201_Sworks_12.27, 16:34, by #4201_Sworks_
[Lease][Ring of Cold][500/10 hours]12.24, 13:332#7490Lord spiral-doom12.24, 13:46, by #7490Lord spiral-doom

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