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[Lease][Various enchated arts]11.26, 18:515Nowar12.03, 16:39, by Nowar
[Lease][Pirate set][920g/combat]11.07, 09:5311Nowar11.24, 10:11, by Nowar
[Lease][Various Arts]11.10, 18:346_uNboRn_11.15, 07:03, by _uNboRn_
[Lease][Longbow][E10A10W10F10][350/ 340/330]10.20, 01:141elf_2oo810.20, 01:14, by elf_2oo8
[Lease][Various weapons]][I10E10A10W10F10]09.19, 12:531#1209ForgottenHunter09.19, 12:53, by #1209ForgottenHunter
[Lease][Sword of Might][E10A10W10F10][335/battle]09.12, 17:389Angel of Death09.19, 00:30, by Angel of Death
[Lease][Flame Dagger][I10E10A10W10F10][650 per battle]08.27, 12:1442Wertz09.07, 12:12, by Wertz
[Lease][Thief dagger][I10E10A10W10F10][860gold/ba ttle]08.27, 11:118poweratom08.29, 20:19, by poweratom
[Lease] [Thief dagger] [5x8%] [800/battle]08.09, 02:541#8160lord fallen08.09, 02:54, by #8160lord fallen
[Rent][Temporal Set][5 battles]07.21, 20:491Night Crawler07.21, 20:49, by Night Crawler
[Lease][Snake Coil Ring][700-800g/combat]07.19, 20:365#6311usagabro07.20, 18:41, by #7490Meshy
[Lease] [Various Enchanted Jewelries]07.01, 19:151#7490gonlador07.01, 19:15, by #7490gonlador
[Lease] [Various 5*12% Enchanted Weapons]07.01, 19:081#7490gonlador07.01, 19:08, by #7490gonlador
[Rent] [Sword of Might] [Composite Bow] [Enchanted 5*8 minimum]07.01, 07:403Scapula07.01, 17:56, by Wertz
[Lease][Dwarf craftsman set][9000/battle]06.10, 19:461#1223432Block06.10, 19:46, by #1223432Block
[Lease] [Tactician weapons] [I11E11A11W11F11]05.07, 15:505#7490Ektoras05.13, 22:38, by #7490Ektoras
[Lease][Sword of Cold][350/battle]05.12, 23:131#4201virtual_vitrea05.12, 23:13, by #4201virtual_vitrea
[Lease][SOC/BOL][347/286 gold per combat]05.12, 07:083Bheem05.12, 22:16, by Wertz
[lease][various thief set arts]05.07, 19:174#1209latviesu lords05.09, 23:59, by #1209latviesu lords
[Lease][Various enchated artifacts]05.04, 09:352Garudorm05.06, 10:47, by Garudorm
[Lease][Mithril longsword][E10A10W10F10][750/battle ]05.04, 16:141Keenslayer05.04, 16:14, by Keenslayer
[Lease] [Bow of light] [5*12] & [Sword of cold] [5*12] [1050/combat/art]04.27, 10:372Skoczek04.27, 21:31, by Wertz
[Lease][Various Shop Artifacts]04.12, 17:061Naycien04.12, 17:06, by Naycien
[rent]thief set[several combat]03.29, 05:571KOF Z03.29, 05:57, by KOF Z
[Lease][Sword of Might][E10A10W10F10][335/battle]03.21, 01:161Angel of Death03.21, 01:16, by Angel of Death
[Lease][Sword of might][E10A10W10F10][410 gold/combat]10.13, 08:59128SonMike03.20, 08:14, by SonMike
[Lease][Various enchanted artifacts]03.19, 08:391#1254Darkngs03.19, 08:39, by #1254Darkngs
[Lease][Sword of Cold][350/battle]03.04, 13:481Liandry03.04, 13:48, by Liandry
[Lease][Composite bow][I12E9A9W9F12][470-490/battle]02.18, 22:113SwiftGirl02.21, 08:43, by SwiftGirl
[Lease] [Various Arts]02.05, 15:2015#7490Lord spiral-doom02.21, 06:18, by #7490Lord spiral-doom

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