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[Lease][Pirate set][920g/combat]

Author[Lease][Pirate set][920g/combat]
My offer includes:
-Pirate sabre 350 CpB
-Pirate boots 160 CpB
-Pirate frock 210 CpB
-Pirate hat 200 CpB

I refund 99% of gold for unused arts if you did at least 1 battle but if it was rented more than 1 day or no battles played, I return only 95% for the rest of battles.

Set bonus:

2 items:

3 items::
Attack+1 Defense+1, +5% magic shield

4 items::
Attack+2 Defense+1, +10% magic shield
Suitable for camaign battles, mainly for BW, holy knighs, charmers or holy/darkness magic builds in general
For Angels & Demons MC members total cost per battle is 850
closed by Nowar (2017-07-31 14:59:46)
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