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[Lease][Full Might Set for Level 7/8][760/battle]

Author[Lease][Full Might Set for Level 7/8][760/battle]
Leasing Whole might set for Lvl 8:---

Steel cuirass for 68/ battle
Cape of winds for 55/battle
Ring of inspiration for 95/battle
Pendant of despair for 130/battle
Steel helmet for 58/battle
Steel boots for 90/battle
Sword of Might for 130/battle
Dragon Shield for 135/battle

If renting all you get it at 750/battle

I can also leasing Sword of Might[I12E12A12W12F12]@ 850/battle
I can also lease Mithril longsword[E10A10W10F10]@ 590/battle

PM me for more offers... )
Oh Sorry I forgot to write that I will refund 85% for unused combats ... 93% for #8693 Members and 95% for A&D mates
Thanks bro... ))
Thanks mate...))
2% discount now
[Post deleted by moderator Lord STB // At authors request]
Discount 5% on whole price... if you borrow it for 10 battles... Offer valid only till 2 days from now...
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