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[Lease][Var. Enchanted, BB, GH, MH, Thief ][1,6k-6k /Battle]01.01, 10:1645Hedvig01.12, 10:26, by Hedvig
[Lease][Heavily Enchanted Might and Magic Arts][400-1400]12.31, 21:4210Erekose01.11, 13:22, by Erekose
[Lease][MH set][1350g/battle]01.06, 11:277Pankaj_Kalra2101.11, 06:56, by Pankaj_Kalra21
[Lease][BB set][3600g/battle]01.06, 11:319Pankaj_Kalra2101.11, 06:52, by Pankaj_Kalra21
[Lease] [BB Spear] [ 375 Gold per battle]01.08, 10:401TheKnightsss01.08, 10:40, by TheKnightsss
[Lease] [GH set] [ 2700 gold/battle]01.01, 18:0112greatmagenish01.06, 19:22, by greatmagenish
[Lease] [BB Spear] [ 555 Gold per battle]01.06, 13:361TheKnightsss01.06, 13:36, by TheKnightsss
[Lease][GH set][2500g/combat]01.06, 11:192Pankaj_Kalra2101.06, 11:47, by Lord Lexo
[Rent][level 4 arts][1 battle]01.06, 09:435Knightkill01.06, 10:56, by Knightkill
[Lease][lvl 12 shop arts]01.03, 13:312knightman3901.05, 14:25, by knightman39
[Lease] [BB Spear] [ 585 Gold per battle]01.01, 20:4411TheKnightsss01.04, 22:38, by TheKnightsss
[Lease][Hunter bow][E4A4W4][2500/battle]01.01, 18:499-_Ben_Laden_-01.04, 14:57, by -_Ben_Laden_-
[Lease][Enchanted Weapons][900-1200gold/battle]12.24, 14:0823Lord alleroy01.03, 11:34, by Lord alleroy
arts from lvl 3- lvl 1001.02, 13:463Lord bouc01.02, 14:12, by Lord Lexo
[Lease][Sword of retribution][300/battle]12.25, 10:1512Master9896101.02, 12:00, by Master98961
[Lease] [Shop arts]12.25, 15:1811Collector7901.02, 07:50, by Collector79
(need)level 6 set for 5 battles01.02, 06:432Elfen_lord01.02, 07:03, by Lord Lexo
[Lease][BB Set][4.2kg/Combat]01.02, 05:371Lady Mohini01.02, 05:37, by Lady Mohini
[Lease][7-10 lvl Sets][1200-1400 gold/combat]01.01, 09:252#7110Rupan01.01, 22:08, by #7110Rupan
[Lease] Hunter bow[E4A4W4] 2500/battle01.01, 17:523-_Ben_Laden_-01.01, 18:13, by Lord Lexo
[Lease][Hunter set][550 gold/battle]01.01, 09:166Knightkill01.01, 15:30, by Knightkill
[rent] [mithril staff] [24hr]12.31, 18:5494themassive01.01, 12:17, by 4themassive
[rent][mh set]01.01, 12:002#1209barbmaster01.01, 12:48, by #1209barbmaster
[Lease] [GH set] [ 2700 gold ] [ 1 Battle ]01.01, 11:512greatmagenish01.01, 12:44, by Anton-55
[Lease][Various enchanted and hunter artifacts]12.27, 10:5235Hedvig01.01, 09:02, by Hedvig
Cdam in arendu set oxotnika01.01, 07:222Electee01.01, 08:26, by Anton-55
7-8 lvl full artifatct set, 9-10 lvl full artifact set01.01, 08:182#7110Rupan01.01, 08:43, by ElfPride
Rent 250 gold hunter set in the mail, please contact us01.01, 07:181Electee01.01, 07:18, by Electee
[Lease] [Enchanted weapons]12.14, 04:3415Collector7912.31, 17:47, by Collector79
[Lease][Enchanted Weapons and Armors][1000-2000/combat]11.21, 20:0561Lord BoJIoD9I12.30, 21:05, by Lord BoJIoD9I

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