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[Lease][Blade of rebirth][I10E10W10A10F10][990-890 per combat]

Author[Lease][Blade of rebirth][I10E10W10A10F10][990-890 per combat]
Blade of rebirth...I10E10A10W10F10...990/890* gold

Lower price is applied if you:
- lease for at least 10 combats at once or
- are member of Dragon Slaughter MC

<Service conditions>
- If you do not use all prepaid combats, I will refund 70% of remaining cost or resend weapon for free - will add you to leasing queue if there is any.
- Prices incluce 1% Empire transfer tax, which is paid by me.
closed by DreamStrike (2013-04-30 01:32:32)
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