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[Lease] [Hunter Set] [180-200 per battle]

Author[Lease] [Hunter Set] [180-200 per battle]
I lease the complete hunter set at the following prices-
200 gold per battle for normal people
195 gold per battle for indians
190 gold per battle for non-indians in the clans i am in
185 gold per battle for indians in the clans i am in
180 gold for those who I know in real-life.

If you lease it for 3 battles- 20 gold discount to those who would originally pay 190 gold or above per battle.
- 10 gold discount to those who pay 185 gold or 180 gold per battle originally.

If you also lease shop arts from my service then-
2 gold discount per battle

If you a great non-indian in game friend of mine, 3 gold discount

If you lease for 5 battles- 30 gold discount to those who pay 190 or above.
If you lease for 5 battles- 20 gold discount for those who pay 180/185 gold.

Just shoot me a pm for the set

Have Fun:).

PS: Those who bump may get a gold off or two
Ooh and I will be giving 5 gold per battle discount to first leaser and 3 gold to the next two.. Will post their names right here


another service I run
I am running multiple servics for the society
Thanks for the bumps mate. You really did help me.
I_N_S_A_N_E thnx a lot.\
Yyou re great buddy:)
Keepin me on top haan
10% discount to clan members of Zomies tomb
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