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[Lease][Smoldering hammer][300/battle]

Author[Lease][Smoldering hammer][300/battle]
post messege me if you want to lease the Smoldering hammer @ 300/battle

Required level: 7
Ammunition points: 12
Attack +7 Defence +1 Initiative +1%

A powerful weapon of the fearless commanders of the Fire Clan. Forged in the heart of the volcano itself, this hammer, even before its creation, was related to an indomitable overpowering flame - and no armor in this world is able to contain its anger. The stronger is the will of its owner, the brighter the flame, and the deadlier is the bite of its tongues.
Ignores 7% of target`s defense.
Troops deal additional 10% of their normal physical damage as fire elemental damage.
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