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recruiting again...

Authorrecruiting again...
i was searching for answer but i didn't finf it :-( i just don't get the recruiting...is it wise to have all the troops outside fighting and not in the castle? when will i have more troops?i can see players at 1st combat level the same race as me and they have quite more troops...is that possible?
no its not possible and dungeon is well know by their low numbers maybe other players rearange troops like more minos less rogues or something
Hi, don't leave any troops in your castle, that is useless.
You will have more troops every time your combat level goes up (for new troops or upgrades you will have to build new buildings).
For a dark elf, you should have the same number of troops; however, some choose a different distribution in the recruiting window; just play around with the switches.
e.g. a level 3 dark elf will sometimes have 13 rogues and 10 minos, or 10 rogues and 13 minos, or 11-12,...
For demons/knights there can be a difference: a knight combat level 3,level 2 can have more troops than a knight combat level 3, level 1.
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