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i reached level 5 now only and constructed ogre fort and magic guild 1
it shows that hero learned a new skill stuuning blow.
do i require mana for it ?
should i increase knowledge +1 or attack +1.
please help
if your hero attack a stack, he automatically do the stunning blow, no mana required.

barbs don't need knowledge and spell power, put it all in attack (or defense if you want)
As a barbarian NEVER (really NEVER) put ANY point in Spellpower or Knowledge
They can NEVER use mana or learn any spell
Even when you are level 14 you dont have any spells, barbarian is the only faction without magic

Barbarians are just brute force, so put all points in attack
magic guild 1
its combat guild =P, so you dont have spells, well, no barbs do or need.
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