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Yellow hunt

AuthorYellow hunt
Eurena[4] vs Renegade thugs (30)

Why it was yellow? 30 thugs is 5-6lvl's challenge...)
life is hard maybe it was just and just medium
Nobody has beaten renegade thugs on level 4 before... Because there is no record to compare with, the color is by default - yellow :)

I learned this the hard way as well - tried to defeat two angels on level 3 lol...
for CitizenErased: I ever defeated 2 angels, but the record now broken by an elf with 3 angels... :)

For the medium, system error maybe.. should be associated with player racial, and combat level too .. :) should be challenging (super challenging) !! ^^
defeat two angels on level 3
It's very easy...) But two angels on lvl 3 are red...
sorry :) it was my bad - I meant on lvl 2
closed by Lady Eurena (2009-05-02 18:11:15)
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