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what is the meanning of water elemental damage ?

Authorwhat is the meanning of water elemental damage ?
title is the my question :S
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for example my orcs kick 100 normally and i choose talent that gives me %15 water elemental damage. so my orcs will hit 115. i dont need any artifact or somthing else to achive that damage ?
no you don't need anything else.
your troops will do 15% more water elemental damage. But this means the extra damage can be resisted if the troops you are hitting have water magic resistance. For example if you hit enchanted gargoyles you will not get the extra damage. If you hit golems you will get 7.5% extra damage.
i see it is clear for me from now on. thnx both of you. last one thing, for example again :) i have %15 water elemental damage and %15 fire elemental damage same time. does that mean that i have %30 damage totally in normal conditions. ? (i meant as normal conditions, the person i kick has nothing for resistance, air or water.)
yes , if you have two different kinds of elemental damage , they add up with each other :)
thnx :) that help me so much :)
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